With travel bans and blocks falling when Covid-19 moves around the world, it’s crazy not to cancel your travel plans at the first opportunity. I admit that the proposal to reimburse Ryanair’s costs for my Faro flight on Easter weekend is difficult to reject, especially given the uncertain economic climate in which we are. Instead, I decided to postpone my trip until summer. Here I want to give you some of the main reasons why you still did not cancel your travel plans for Covid-19.

Canceling your travel plans that are relatively far in the future (and I mean, anytime after the end of April) is totally unwise for several reasons. First, the situation changes every day and who knows what can happen in more than a month. Second, your airline may not have officially canceled their flight, which means you have not yet been eligible for a refund.

For example – I booked a flight to Naples for a vacation in early May. Now Jet2 has canceled all flights to Italy on April 26th and I am pretty sure that as we approach the date, my adventure with the Bucket List on the Amalfi Coast will also be bad for those feared, you know. If I cancel the flight now while the sequel is still planned, I will not be given the option to re-order or receive a refund and lose all the money spent on the flight.

Instead, I waited for an email from Jet2 informing me that my flight had been canceled (sighing), and then I could schedule a later date, as was the case with my Easter flight. Do you want to cancel, reschedule, or rewrite, wait until you are asked by the company you ordered. If the government still advises you not to go there during your trip, you should be able to get your money back.

Simply put, the travel industry is on its knees at the moment. I need to know – I work for a travel magazine. While thousands of flight attendants, hotel staff, and tour operators around the world have been fired, thousands of us wake up every morning for fear we will make a living.

If you are offered a choice by your airline, hotel, travel agency or travel company, consider making a reservation or rescheduling instead of completely canceling your itinerary. Companies that really want to stay afloat even if they don’t invest money will have more problems if the refund is taken back by anyone who has a itinerary.

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