Why did the first trip believe it would develop in the coronavirus crisis

Remote work

We don’t have overhead space and large office space, real bonuses in times of uncertainty, and opportunities to be nimble and adapt to these uncertain circumstances. We are usually based on collaboration space, but now we work from home like everyone else. This is an easy transition and we can process all customer issues, new orders and future plans in a few hours. Most companies today have a long-distance policy, but those who don’t waste valuable resources and time finding out how their company can work well when employees work from home. I think this whole situation will change many company policies without limits so that they are not interrupted. We are also relieved that we will not have a large sales team in the next few months. Our digital travel planning approach works well as a storefront, while potential customers see without a sense of involvement.


Meanwhile, companies must make quick decisions and change their business focus if necessary. We can even see several alternative sources of income, from books with coffee tables to virtual tours. We will also use this period to work on our products and add some interesting destinations to our website. Costa Rica and Kalimantan are at the top because they are in line with the travel styles we have offered. We also continue to develop our website and make some changes to improve the flexibility of our routers and improve the experience of our customers.

Special Actions

We reduce deposits needed for future trips and encourage our partners to do the same. This is also a decision that we can make and implement quickly. The industry needs to give people a reason to be confident, book long-term trips, and expect more companies to follow suit. Offering discounts from our partners, travel insurance partners also help and reduce travel fears that are very real and long-term. Although no one can be sure, we expect people to travel to most destinations in September and receive requests for the end of the year and 2021. The problem people face is finding the right insurance that we are trying to solve.

New market

With people who might be more comfortable, we see real opportunities to get involved in the market of young professionals who are very busy and may miss us on stage. We see this period as an opportunity to accelerate our long-term goals to change what may or may not be a travel agent for travelers. We believe that the traditional travel agency model is about “agents” and “customers”. Our goal is to change the dynamics of this performance and, in addition to our industry experience, to use technology to give people control over their routes. By giving travelers the ability to plan their travel plans, choose their hotels and activities, they feel empowered and we avoid the feeling of selling trips. Our first communication with travelers often after spending time on our router. So you already have a good idea of ​​what you want to do, where you want to live and how much it costs – no need for complicated sales calls!

Social media

Follow the development of social marketing. With each publication we try to inform and tell a story. We share many great photos of people on their silent trips to give us an idea of ​​what we have to offer, and we recently published a post to support our Italian partners who are going through a very difficult time. We try to keep things optimistic and informative while having fun.

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