Virtual call center from TaiS Made Travel

Tailor Made Travel, a Welsh travel agent, has set up a virtual call center to help NHS recruit key additional employees, including janitors and operators, after being forced to temporarily close 20 branches and move employees to homes during the corona virus delivery block.

Managing Director Simon Morgan said that some employees work from home to help their own travel agent customers, while others who are “thumbs up” are available for NHS, industry partners, and other organizations.

He said they have the capacity to handle 50 calls at a time.

“We have a voluntary crisis team (at home) that handles all of our customers. We also have a number of employees who are waving – effective thumb rotation.

“Our unique communication technology allows us to send employees home using Apple Macs and Internet telephones. They are not limited to our internal calls – we can also answer calls to third parties.

“After searching for NHS-related calls and successfully managing unique calls, records and methods for identifying callers and callers, the company decided to offer services to companies that have a call history to deal with the current crisis.

“We can be what you like, send written responses in advance and turn calls into e-mails, etc. In fact, there are no restrictions – and you won’t get a better chameleon from a travel agent – we can do almost anything.”

Morgan said no industry partner had accepted the offer of Tailor Made’s telephone support, but was convinced that it would not be long before he contacted him.

“It is logical to offer our services to tour operators, airlines, etc. because we already understand the business and automatically understand the main objectives,” he added.

“If you are a tour operator whose channel is blocked, we will help you.”

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