New virtual travel show launched to connect agencies with tourists

A new online travel event was launched to connect travelers with travel agencies, tour operators, destinations and suppliers in unique markets.

Daily virtual travel shows in the UK and North America aim to simplify and secure travel bookings in the Covid area by providing travelers with expert advice and exclusive offers around the clock.

Each day begins a new show focused on international and national destinations or popular travel interests. Each show lasts three days and is open 24 hours a day. This unique platform gives travelers access to DMOs and professionals from the tourism industry. There will be a panel led by experts and for the first time ever, users will have the latest travel information they need in one place.

Travelers who wish to get advice and book through travel agents can search and select travel agents listed in the exhibition for peace of mind when travel plans need to be changed. Free travel agent referral program for travel agent participation.

While travel companies around the world are struggling to survive, especially small hotels and tour operators etc, the show also covers a very low fee for exhibitors under £ 500, making resources more accessible and more assisting them on their way to recovery.

The group leader, Charlie Cao, has specialized in travel diffusion technology for more than 25 years. The start-up team consists of former executives from Reed Travel Exhibitions, Terrapinn, heads of destination marketing organizations and OTA based in the UK, US and Asia. They are also supported by leading digital advertising and marketing companies in the UK and US.

He said: “With travel restrictions changing all the time, it has never been more important to keep up with the latest travel information. Therefore, an expert panel and networking session on travel restrictions will be shown on the Virtual Your Travel Show. Travel measures and activities and health and safety associated with travel accommodation and activities. “”

Daily shows also offer show attendees exclusive special offers and flash offers from their exhibitors.

“Your Virtual Travel Show provides a revolutionary marketplace for travel agents and travelers who connect them, offering exclusive special offers and valuable expert advice on reservations,” adds Charlie. “Virtual shows will attract more tourism professionals and tourists than ever before. With daily show schedules on markets in the UK, US and Asia, virtual travel shows will allow us to connect travelers with more travel professionals than ever before, 24/7.”

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