Fear of the future of British travel agencies

According to a new report from the Advantage Travel Partnership, 61 percent of travel agents will run out of money later this year.

The travel agency consortium released the results after Britain launched a second blockade effectively banning overseas and outback travel.

The results are clear about how difficult this situation is for the travel agency business and the broader prospects for the tourism industry.

If the general travel ban, quarantine measures and lack of testing persist, another 27% will run out of money in the first half of next year, and 88% of agencies will run out of money before June.

That means – in a somewhat hypothetical situation, only 12 percent of travel agents will be working next summer.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO of the Advantage Travel Partnership, said, “When will the government wake up and see the industry crumble before them?

“These results are very worrying, but unfortunately they lead to many companies in the tourism industry.

“We need a strategy to get out of our government and show how we’re going to move forward.

“Hospitality and retail must ensure they are protected against Covid-19 when it reopens this summer, and travel needs the same thing – we have to have a stable testing system and cut quarantine time to give us time.” chance to survive this crisis. “

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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling With Old Parents

As our parents grow old, sharing new experiences with them becomes even more meaningful and unforgettable.

Going with them on a trip is a great way to bond and create beautiful memories. However, the whole idea of traveling with elderly parents may seem like an uphill task, but this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Carrying due diligence and planning is key to making your vacation stress free and enjoyable. Here are things to keep in mind if you wish to travel with elderly parents.

  1. Check Their Medication

If your parents are on medication, try checking with their doctors first before traveling with them.

Traveling comes with its share of challenges, so you must always be prepared to handle whatever issues may arise. For instance, older adults are prone to travelers’ diarrhea, malaria, and even altitude sickness. 

Experts advise on the importance of seeing a doctor at least one month before the date of travel. This helps the doctors make sound medical decisions and also prescribe the right medication, vitamins, and vaccines for your parents.

In this case, vaccines cannot be overlooked since issues such as tetanus are prevalent among senior citizens aged 65 years and above. In case you are traveling abroad, check the routine vaccinations required for the country that you wish to visit with your parents.

Also, remember to follow food and water precautions, together with their routine medications.

  1. Get Better Acquainted

When traveling with your parents, safety is guaranteed when you research your destination before traveling. Dig deep and know the safest places suitable for your parents.

Weather patterns are very sensitive, and your parents could get affected in some way. Research helps in acquiring critical information on how to deal with the sudden weather changes.

Here are the reasons why research before travel is important and beneficial to you and your parents:

  • You’ll gain crucial knowledge of certain cultures and how to conduct yourself. This step enables you to swim like a fish among the natives and gets rid of the feeling of awkwardness.
  • Helps you to avoid getting scammed. Your safety is not guaranteed, especially when you find yourself in an unfamiliar setting- all the more reason to arm yourself with proven survival tactics.
  • Unearth hidden gems. Your travel will be more purposeful when you come across the most interesting spots. Carrying out research makes this easier and fun since you won’t have to go round in circles and leave empty-handed.
  • Your safety is guaranteed. Research gives you all the information you need, especially on the areas that you need to avoid at all costs. This saves you time and money.
  1. Take Time To Organize The Trip

A spur of the moment trip is never a thrilling experience for senior citizens. Instead, it may end up complicating or even aggravating their health issues. They need to be psychologically and medically prepared for the trip ahead.

Check with your parents on the destination that would be more befitting for them. Once this is settled, proceed to popular sceneries and attractions. Make calls for bookings and reservations to your desired adventurous spots e.g., waterfalls.

Accommodation defines the rest of the trip. Your parents deserve a clean, spacious, and quiet place to stay after a long and hectic trip. Look into such logistics while you make your reservations.

2 to 3 weeks is ample time for you to put all these together and ensure a successful trip. Look around for attractive packages such as picnic spots, strolls on the beach, great outdoor terrains for their outdoor mobility scooter, and the likes.

The trip’s essence is to make your parents feel rejuvenated and happy, not the other way around.

  1. Place More Emphasis On Accommodation

Old age comes along with a hefty price to pay. Health-related concerns are mostly the reason for this. A well thought out accommodation plan gives your parents ample time to relax and feel comfortable.

Before the travel D-day, check on the facilities available at your preferred travel destination. The surrounding regions determine how comfortable your parents are going to be throughout their stay.

Be sure to settle for a place with utmost tranquility as well as security. Other areas of concern are the stairs as well as the wheelchair spots. You should know the best way to sort out these issues when calling to make reservations.

Aim to give your parents an unforgettable trip by booking places surrounded by captivating sceneries and unrivaled quietness. This is beneficial, especially to their mental wellbeing.

As much as decent accommodation is important, settle for something that will not drain you financially.

  1. Check Your Financial Capability

With the myriad of affordable getaways worldwide, it’s easy to get spoilt for choice. When traveling with your old parents, avoid including them in the financial aspect of the trip. The last thing you’d want is for your parents to exhaust their pension funds.

Look around for affordable and flexible travel destinations that will accommodate you and your parents. A suitable way to go about the financial part is by saving up months before your desired travel date.

Getting in touch with your local tour operator is another affordable way to eat your cake and have it too. Look for a destination that offers everything you need and is easy on your pocket.

Here are ways to enjoy your travel even when you’re on a tight budget:

  • Be flexible and open to as many suggestions but only settle for what your parents will find comfortable.
  • Check what you don’t need. 
  • Widen the scope of your research to find more affordable travel options.

Final Thoughts

Many people look to travel as their source of peace and reprieve from daily bustles. However, it may be quite involving for your elderly parents to plan for such trips because of limitations like health concerns.

On the bright side, the whole travel experience with your parents can be fun and comfortable if you follow the tips above to the latter.

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