Booking by private jet before the new British blockade

The richest man in the country avoided the new restrictions

In the run-up to Thursday’s national blockade, many of Britain’s wealthiest people went abroad – and many of them flew on their own, according to a report in The Guardian. The newspaper spoke with various private jet brokers who confirmed that bookings went up this week.

“Many of these flight inquiries are aimed at people wishing to travel to their second home in Europe. The Canary Islands, which are still warm this time of year, are the most sought after destinations,” said Air Partner, one of the most popular. The largest aircraft charter company announced a point of sale.

A similar pattern was seen when the lockdown decreased in July. The Air Charter Service, the world’s largest charter aircraft broker, reported a massive 258% increase in UK inquiries related to private jet charters over the weekend of July 3-5.

Although commercial flight bookings have dropped this year due to the initial blockade and various travel restrictions that have been in place since then, the use of private jets has not decreased that much. According to aviation consultancy Wingx, commercial flight schedules are reduced by about 50% compared to bookings with private jets, which is about 10%.

This suggests that the wealthy have traveled far farther than before, while the private aviation industry may have found new customers among them who are now willing to pay more for their own planes and avoid crowds because of hygiene issues. either on an airplane or at an airport.

“While we can’t expect the number of inquiries to increase that much, we expect an increase because we know that many of our customers are willing to go abroad for business and leisure reasons, and we are taking this step that is possible now,” said Justin Bowman. The executive director of Air Charter Service said when the original restrictions were lifted in July. “It is understandable that the demand from new customers is increasing, as private jets offer a very high level of cleanliness in addition to accessibility with minimal human contact and allow passengers to avoid busy airports and travel in balloons from family and close friends. is now an important consideration for traveling after locks. “”

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