Best place to park your car for cheaper insurance

We all know that everything from jobs to zip codes affect the amount we pay for car insurance, but new data claims we’ve found the best parking spots at better prices at night.

Although a locked garage seemed the obvious answer after analyzing insurance data on a odds zone comparison site, it didn’t even make the top three.

Carports is the cheapest place with an average premium for a car stored under a canopy of £ 561. However, because it is only used by 0.5 percent of policyholders, it is rarely used for parking at night.

The most common are private roads. According to the data, 56 percent of drivers keep their cars in the driveway all night, for an average stipend of £ 653 per year – more than £ 140 cheaper than roadside parking in front of their house, the second most common place.

The locked garage is the third most popular car park but the fourth largest in terms of accessibility at an average surcharge of £ 772.

Offsite parking turned out to be the most expensive place to park at night, averaging £ 1,063

It is not surprising to learn that off-street parking is likely to result in a lower insurance rate than curb parking. Finally, cars that are parked on the street are at greater risk of being swept away by passing vehicles or behind by other drivers trying to park. A car parked on the roadside is also more attractive to potential thieves because it doesn’t have to enter your property to gain access to the vehicle.

“However, many drivers may be surprised by how much they save with off-road parking. Only 13 percent of people use their garage to store their cars. If you currently use the garage for additional storage or a home office, now might be a time to save time. to see if you can save up.

“Most cars are now equipped with alarms, immobilizers, and trackers. However, you can be more careful not to store valuables in a location that is inconspicuous for opportunistic thieves, choosing a well-lit area, or adding outdoor lighting. Panel cameras are great. great for those who have to park their car on the street, and CCTV cameras can help secure or uncover garages and alleys. “

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