The travel industry may have knelt down due to travel restrictions and social distance measures used in response to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, but it did not worsen their spirits.

British companies did everything to help during the crisis in which Covid-19 claimed more than 280 lives.

Here are six ways tour operators can do their thing and spread a little bit of affection and friendliness, from offering hotels to key workers to returning British citizens living abroad.

Saga has offered two cruise ships as a floating hospital to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

The 37,000-ton sapphire saga and the 58,000-ton spirit of discovery installed in Tilbury, Essex can accommodate more than 2,600 patients in individual cabins.

Saga’s owner is said to have spoken with government officials about the use of liners pulled from sailing during the Covid 19 pandemic as a temporary hospital.

A source told Sky News: “Ships remain inactive. The government expects coronavirus patients to flood their hospitals, so it makes sense to consider this option.”

Hotel opening for NHS employees

Former Manchester United soccer player Gary Neville will open his hotel for medical professionals for free.

Two Manchester hotels, Old Trafford Football Hotel and Exchange Hotel in central Manchester, will provide 176 beds for the NHS and medical staff.

The hotel staff also promised that they would not be fired or given unpaid leave.

“We are pleased that we can reach an agreement,” Neville said.

“At this point, our entire industry needs to show solidarity, not only for our employees in these uncertain times, but also for those who most need accommodation in the coming months.”

He added: “Our employees will operate the hotel as usual if health professionals can stay there for free if they need to be isolated from affected family members.”

Zetter Hotel in Clerkenwell has also closed its doors to all customers, but remains open to NHS employees who need a free night.

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