Plan your dream vacation and save the travel industry from the corona virus

Now is the time to think ahead and protect large and small tourism companies

More free time than toilet rolls? You are not alone. If we face the limited reality, we just stay home because of the coronavirus released by the government last night, the mind can move to a less positive place.

But there is a solution – and this is useful for your mental well-being and the tourism industry. Plan your next adventure. It might sound silly how about the uncertainty when blockchain and financial stability will end, but think about it: it gives you something to look forward to, it is a disruption from blockages and helps to support the tourism industry.

If you already have a vacation plan for this year, you can also protect the travel industry by moving your trip to a future date instead of canceling it.


So please move. If you are worried that the pandemic will not end when you plan to travel, receive a voucher instead of a refund.

Daisy Bird, founder of the luxury travel agency BIRD, said the industry suffered greatly from current travel restrictions, forced hotel closures and mass cancellations mentioned above. This is developing: “10 percent of the world’s population who work in the hotel industry – dedicated local owners, employees and suppliers who even make the excitement of exploring the world an opportunity – has lost their income.”

So let’s skip over the summer and start planning the latter part of the year and beyond. “We recommend Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Ecuador to list your targets for 2020,” Daisy said. “Or if you are looking for a place that is closer to your home, Surrey Hills offers a fabulous retreat and only a stone’s throw from London.”

One can say with certainty that we never miss the outside world.

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