One of London’s airports will be closed for at least a month because the coronavirus destroys the air travel industry

London City Airport will stop operating on Wednesday night as the ongoing coronavirus crisis continues to drive demand for travel. Closing must continue until the end of April.

The airport announced the closure on Wednesday in a statement that all commercial and private flights would be disrupted. The closing plan is being “revised”, said a press release.

“At this moment in this fast-moving and unprecedented situation, we believe that this is the responsibility for the safety and welfare of employees, passengers and everyone connected to the airport,” the statement said. “All of our employees will continue to be employed and will return to work as soon as possible.”

The airport will continue to be available for government use “if it can be used to support emergency services, military or other government agencies.”

London City Airport carries about 5.1 million passengers in 2019, the twelfth largest in the UK. The airport is located in the Royal Docks district and is popular with business travelers for flights to the UK and Europe because of its accessibility and proximity to the financial center of London.

This is also used by British Airways for business class flights to and from New York by riding one of the smallest transatlantic aircraft. This flight was terminated earlier in March.

The aviation and air travel sector is underestimated by the corona virus, because government and health officials advise anyone who is not in a key position to stay at home and delay the spread of the disease.

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