COVID-19 disrupts the tourism industry – forcing countries to close borders, cancel flights and cause traffic congestion – trips must be postponed. However, the need to escape is more acute than before, such as our curiosity, which is not satisfied when we are at home. Instead of eating endless shows on Netflix, the answer can be a virtual journey. (If people pay Whitney Houston’s hologram to perform at a concert, why not?

In the U.S., video games seem to play at record levels, while sales of home consoles such as Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 skyrocket in South Korea. The same can be expected in Britain because people are increasingly quarantined. But instead of taking photos, you can walk through the ruins of the academy in the national anthem or wear the White House in Tom 2 Clancy’s Department 2.

In early 2020, Rough Guides published a guide to the virtual world of Xbox that proves that game tourism – where people play to find out instead of earning income – is a legitimate trend today. This book includes cost guides for eight enhanced Xbox One X games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Forza Horizon 4, and Metro Exodus with tours, etiquette, shopping, and things you should miss, such as physical cities,

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