Luxury travel in the environmentally active aviation industry

The world is becoming greener – airlines are taking initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions. From lighter materials in aircraft production to innovative engine technology to the development of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), changes are being made that will positively change the impact of planes on the planet. By 2050 there will be industry pressure to halve net CO2 emissions.

For private flights, carbon balancing is the key to reducing our carbon footprint. “Carbon offsets are becoming increasingly visible in the industry and have been practiced,” said Howard Powy, director of business development at Pula Aviation Services Limited. “We see concrete operational practices in which charter companies and businesses try to be neutral either climate or negative within a tight timeframe.” Charter operators will be climate neutral by 2025. “We are researching sustainable fuel technology and working on projects for renewable energy and forestry,” Povey added.

Study personal travel
With floodlights from environmental initiatives, there has never been a better time to reassess luxury travel habits. Private flight is not just about having an airplane. There are many exploration options that can be adjusted to provide cost-effective or time-efficient solutions, depending on needs. Private travel can mean “jet card”, personal charter, partial or full ownership. Anyone can be an environmentally friendly alternative to propulsion and can be discussed with business and private aviation specialists like Pula.

Deciding which of the statements above is true can depend on many things. For example, how often do you plan to fly every year? Which airport do you use as part of your regular travel plans? and whether you are traveling at a different time from commercial flights.

Find the best match: a charter against property
The thought process of those involved in private flights can be illustrated by the passenger profile. They show when rent and property are important. After the most appropriate has been determined, the options above can be explored to find the best luxury travel solution. “For example, a company that often travels to its employees and that requires a lot of flexibility, because its schedule can determine that it has to investigate a personal charter,” Povi explained. “The time is important for these companies and their flight schedules are complicated by the use of commercial airlines. For example, they may not be able to travel directly or at the right time when using airlines. This can be a day trip to a European destination in three days from home. and allow it from the office.

“Not only is charter aircraft more efficient for this business, but in many cases it can also be more effective if the charter is done properly,” Povi added. “Consider meeting six tourists from Cardiff-based companies who are traveling to Geneva. The closest airline solution requires travel to and from Bristol. If the schedule does not match the meeting schedule, night trips may be needed, given the cost and our experience is actually more profitable to rent a light plane and travel on your own terms. “”

Ownership of aircraft, on the other hand, is mainly determined by desire. “Simply put, many aircraft owners want to have their own aircraft,” Povi said. “This can also be increased by the amount this passenger spends on jet rental or partial ownership, which means that the next logical step is ownership. The decision to own an aircraft must be a balance between desire and common sense.”

Common sense approach to the charter
According to Pula, general rules can often be used when deciding which option is best for those who are new to private jets. For example, if you fly up to 10 hours a year, a charter is the most suitable choice. Between 10 and 50 hours, Jet Card options aren’t expensive. “Meanwhile, up to 250 hours a year makes part ownership a logical step,” advises Povi, “while anything beyond that is a strong case for direct aircraft ownership.”

Commercial flights are more expensive than other modes of transportation, but the actual cost depends on how much time you prioritize, increase security, and increase overall comfort. If you want to try this type of luxury travel, contact the charter provider. Now the choice is greener than you think.

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