How long does it take for a coronavirus pandemic to calm down?


When you are in lockdown, many of us dream when we can give up the rest.

Unfortunately, it takes months for us to fly safely.

According to travel journalist Johann Cory, we are lucky if we can book a trip for September.

With the corona virus pandemic destroying the industry, it might take longer for everyone to work again.

Jill told RSPV Live: “I hope to get up again in September, but it looks like it’s spring next year before everything really starts moving again.”

Although it is not recommended to book a vacation at this time, you may not cancel a trip that you have paid for.

If you cancel a flight or trip, you will often not receive a refund.

Johann shouted: “The first thing you must remember is that if you cancel or withdraw, you will lose all your money.

“Very easy. Don’t cancel.” “

The same story applies to those who buy their vacation rates.

After you make a deposit, it is important to follow your payment.

Jill said: “If you break the contract, you will lose the money you are betting on.”

In many cases, you are entitled to a refund if you pay for your vacation in full installments or with one trip.

ATOL Europe travel and security packages need to be restored.

You also have to ask for a refund if you book through a travel agency.

Finally, those who have travel insurance can apply for a refund.

“There might be a little dance with insurance saying that this is not their problem, it is an airline problem, but you might need to get your money back.”

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