Do not recommend traveling in the UK

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech on Monday 23 September, public transport in the UK should only be used for longer trips with several transportation networks, which was confirmed in a statement. It has now also been confirmed that service reductions will operate on Nottingham Express Transit – leaving only the West Midlands cylinder which has not reduced its service.

Schedule for Sundays has been running on Nottingham Express Transit seven days a week since service starts on Tuesday March 24th. It sees trams every 15 minutes between 6 am and 7 am, every 10 minutes between 7 am and 1900 and then every 15 minutes until 11 pm. It was also confirmed that the planned tariff changes on March 29 would no longer occur as of now. The tariff structure will remain until further notice.

One of the many areas where people are asked to use public transportation only for basic destinations is West Midlands with Transport for West Midlands, which issues new travel guidelines. They urge people not to travel unless necessary and travel to maintain social distance whenever possible. Simple travel is considered childbirth, support for parents or vulnerable, traveling to school or work if your role is very important. Other trips should not be considered.

Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands, said: “Our advice to travelers cannot be easier: don’t travel by public transport unless absolutely necessary. Buses and trains run at a lower frequency. For those who use public transportation Transportation facilities are needed – as key workers who help maintain our vital NHS and emergency services – but we don’t want people to travel and risk spreading viruses.Naturally this is a very difficult time for all of us, but through that Reducing unnecessary travel can reduce risk for those who have to travel and slow the spread of the corona virus. “”

West Midlands Metro service will continue to operate on a standard schedule at least this week. However, this can change as it develops.

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