Corona Virus: Police have installed roadblocks to comply with basic travel rules

Police have set up checkpoints along the main road and stopped the driver to ensure that, given the spread of coronavirus, people are following the new basic travel guidelines.

UK Police officials stopped the bus between 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. last night (Thursday, March 26) and found that there were still people who made small road trips, even though the government warned that people were only moving their homes. must leave if absolutely necessary.

Officials also reported incidents of antisocial behavior and people gathering in groups in the city, which went against the government’s order not to be part of a meeting of more than two people.

The service then repeated that the police had the right to punish and even arrest those who repeatedly and consciously violated applicable restrictions and increased the risk of spreading the virus.

However, the office also said it would do anything to help those who really needed help.

A Facebook post from Police Department said, Police Department is carrying out a number of obstacles tonight that lead to the city to determine the reason for the move, rather than isolating oneself and trying.” Identify anyone in the community who might need additional help.

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