Britain wants to avoid traveling abroad without limits

The State and Community Office has extended travel restrictions around the world “indefinitely”. Britain is urged to avoid insignificant international travel in the future, according to new suggestions.

The first call for a worldwide trip took effect only on April 16, but when the corona virus epidemic worsened, leadership changed.

“We now recommend all non-essential trips around the world – indefinitely,” said a video statement released by FCO. “The situation is changing rapidly. Tourists can be very disturbed and cannot return to England.”

Many travel companies sell flight and vacation packages after the first April deadline, hoping the situation will improve. If the company where you book the trip is canceled, you are entitled to a full refund.

The FCO made the decision because “the closure of international borders and other restrictions is unprecedented. All countries can limit travel without notice.”

To change or cancel your travel plans:

Contact your airline, travel company, shipping lines, or other transportation and accommodation providers
Contact your insurance company
If you have to travel for important reasons, the government has provided the following advice: “If your trip is very important, make sure you have the right insurance for traveling abroad and buy it when booking a trip. . You need to check your travel insurance details to find out what they cover and contact your insurance company if you have questions. You might need to consider certain policies. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are insured.

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