7 Essential Adventure Travel Accessories For Your Next Trip

In the modern age, traveling has become more about experiencing life and understanding cultures instead of spending time amid luxury. These days, travelers look to unwind by hiking extended trails, trekking a mountain, or even climbing a dormant volcano. It would be fair to say that gone are the days when people used to spend lavishly on their trips. But, when it comes to adventure travel, there are several accessories you need to keep handy as and when required.

You do not have to pimp your ride and spend large chunks of money on your car. Investing in meager and utility items is what’s the need of the hour. A few extras and car gadgets can result in better comfort and entertainment while on an adventure trip. Let’s take, for instance, you’re going to Alaska; what would you require? Since there’s no network around if you go a bit deeper into the wilderness, you might need a butane stove, hammock, roof rack for the car, and many last-ditch items like a swiss knife and power banks. This article will come across seven of the essential adventure travel accessories that you can carry on your next trip.
Roof Rack & Rooftop Tent

When it comes to adventure travel, a universal roof rack along with a rooftop tent is more than essential. Not only is it more comfortable and luxurious than a standard tent, but it also frees up your car’s trunk. Moreover, a robust roof rack provides more space for your luggage, providing more leg space in the vehicle. If you already have another individual on-board, shift the luggage on the rack and get a tent for 2+. Make sure that the tent’s fabric is breathable, strong, waterproof, and mold-resistant.

Remember when you used to see the unseen footage of accidents, crashes, burglary, and chase? Everything was recorded through dashcams. Installing such a camera can provide you with peace of mind when you are traveling on the road. Not only do these cams provide you with indisputable video evidence, but they also safeguard you from external factors. At times, if you meet an accident, the accused or opposed individuals might put false allegations against you. A dashcam can save you from these situations.

And, when it comes to the brighter side of installing dashcams, you can record your entire journey, edit it, and upload the video on the YouTube channel.

Hammocks have been quite famous in luxurious properties but have you ever thought of buying one for your adventure trip? All you have to do is, look for a couple of trees in a far-off national park or local state park to read and nap. Quality ones are tear-resistant, designed for camping, and can hold up to 500 pounds. Since the wild has too many things crawling on the ground, the hammock will keep you mid-air and away from insects and wild animals’ reach. Moreover, some hammocks have loops to connect your headlamp and attach water bottles.

A headtorch is not the first thing that comes to mind whenever we think about going out for adventure travel. Even though it is one of the underrated accessories you’d require on your side, a headtorch can make things so much easier for you. If you are putting up a tent at night or sorting things out in the car, a headtorch can free both your hands for good. Furthermore, guy a rechargeable one so that you don’t have to carry extra batteries.
Insulated Phone Case

On windy and cold days, your smartphone might turn off without giving any sort of warning, and on hot summer days, it might overheat. With an insulated phone case, the smartphone will be safe from intense temperature changes, float when hit with water, and survive the drops. Since quality insulated phone cases are made with materials used in an astronaut suit, add it to the priority list.
Reusable Coffee Flask

The status of coffee while on the road is immense. Even though you have other options to stay awake while driving or hiking, a cup of coffee can prove to be an ideal option. A reusable coffee flask allows you to sip on it now and then, keeping you away from discarding several disposable cups. So, be eco-friendly and get your reusable coffee flask for your next adventure travel.
First Aid Kit

Even if you are on an epic journey or just a quick weekend getaway, don’t forget to keep a first aid kit handy. This kit is an absolute must and should contain sterilizing wipes, band-aids, scissors, bandages, medication, and pain killers. Experts recommend that you buy a pre-packaged first aid kit that has everything you need on adventure travel.

The Bottom Line

Being on the road has its thrills and spills. If you forget about the latter, the entire plan can go upside down. As a result, it is essential to take note of all the accessories you might require for adventure travel. From a first aid kit, headtorch to rooftop tents, hammocks, you have a lot to think of. So, be responsible and prepare a list beforehand.

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Fear of the future of British travel agencies

According to a new report from the Advantage Travel Partnership, 61 percent of travel agents will run out of money later this year.

The travel agency consortium released the results after Britain launched a second blockade effectively banning overseas and outback travel.

The results are clear about how difficult this situation is for the travel agency business and the broader prospects for the tourism industry.

If the general travel ban, quarantine measures and lack of testing persist, another 27% will run out of money in the first half of next year, and 88% of agencies will run out of money before June.

That means – in a somewhat hypothetical situation, only 12 percent of travel agents will be working next summer.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO of the Advantage Travel Partnership, said, “When will the government wake up and see the industry crumble before them?

“These results are very worrying, but unfortunately they lead to many companies in the tourism industry.

“We need a strategy to get out of our government and show how we’re going to move forward.

“Hospitality and retail must ensure they are protected against Covid-19 when it reopens this summer, and travel needs the same thing – we have to have a stable testing system and cut quarantine time to give us time.” chance to survive this crisis. “

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Booking by private jet before the new British blockade

The richest man in the country avoided the new restrictions

In the run-up to Thursday’s national blockade, many of Britain’s wealthiest people went abroad – and many of them flew on their own, according to a report in The Guardian. The newspaper spoke with various private jet brokers who confirmed that bookings went up this week.

“Many of these flight inquiries are aimed at people wishing to travel to their second home in Europe. The Canary Islands, which are still warm this time of year, are the most sought after destinations,” said Air Partner, one of the most popular. The largest aircraft charter company announced a point of sale.

A similar pattern was seen when the lockdown decreased in July. The Air Charter Service, the world’s largest charter aircraft broker, reported a massive 258% increase in UK inquiries related to private jet charters over the weekend of July 3-5.

Although commercial flight bookings have dropped this year due to the initial blockade and various travel restrictions that have been in place since then, the use of private jets has not decreased that much. According to aviation consultancy Wingx, commercial flight schedules are reduced by about 50% compared to bookings with private jets, which is about 10%.

This suggests that the wealthy have traveled far farther than before, while the private aviation industry may have found new customers among them who are now willing to pay more for their own planes and avoid crowds because of hygiene issues. either on an airplane or at an airport.

“While we can’t expect the number of inquiries to increase that much, we expect an increase because we know that many of our customers are willing to go abroad for business and leisure reasons, and we are taking this step that is possible now,” said Justin Bowman. The executive director of Air Charter Service said when the original restrictions were lifted in July. “It is understandable that the demand from new customers is increasing, as private jets offer a very high level of cleanliness in addition to accessibility with minimal human contact and allow passengers to avoid busy airports and travel in balloons from family and close friends. is now an important consideration for traveling after locks. “”

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The flight attendant’s emotional speech on her last flight before her bloating went viral.

Kirsten Hamick, an American Airlines cabin crew member, delivers a farewell speech to passengers on their last assignment.

The Heart Message was filmed and shared on Tiktok and has been viewed more than 10 million times.

In the video, Ms. Hamick’s voice is full of emotion as she thanks the customer and crew: “Ladies and gentlemen, I want to share a few closing words with all of you before we all part today,” he said.

“As we all know, Covid-19 turned the world upside down this year. I’m sure all of you are affected in some way.

“Unfortunately, the airline industry has been hit hard. Due to these circumstances, American Airlines was forced to release 8,099 flight attendants. All crew working on this flight are part of that number and this will be our last flight.”

Ms Hamik added: “We would like to thank all of you. Thank you for your smiles, hospitality and of course your business.

“Every day I see this little human miracle. Strangers help each other, share photos and stories from visiting relatives, cheer each other on as turbulence increases, play with the babies lined up in front of them sitting.

“There are many things that make this job great, but the main reason is for all of you. So, with all my heart, thank you.”

In the second video, he praised the flight attendants and said he was “really blessed” to work with them.

“We boarded the plane as strangers and left as close friends,” he said. “Amidst the chaos, all of you help me not only to feel healthy but also happy to be here.

“Thanks for the laughter, adventure, and the fact that you helped me save a lot of money by offering free jumping therapy.”

Ms Hamik concluded by saying that she has no doubt that there will be “wonderful things in the future of her endeavor”.

U.S. airlines began laying off more than 32,000 employees on October 1 after the federal downsizing ban ended.

American Airlines and United Airlines said they could reverse the outcome if Congress and the White House agreed immediately to provide billions more with taxpayers to the airline industry.

The airlines and their unions are campaigning for money to keep airline employees for an additional six months through March. They were initially given $ 25 billion, mostly in cash, to pay employees through September 30 to avoid layoffs or layoffs.

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TRAVEL INSURANCE: What Policies Do You Cover for COVID-19?

Highway insurance has undergone several developments since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
Initially, when holidays and flights are canceled due to travel restrictions, travelers can switch to their policies in advance to cover costs. Then, as the number of lawsuits increased, insurance companies began to introduce clauses stating that they would not pay for cancellations related to Covid. Ultimately, almost everything has turned around: a number of providers have published guidelines covering the coronavirus in some form.
This is a welcome change for anxious travelers, but buyers should beware: not all travel insurance is created equal. Everything you need to know is here.

Medical fees versus cancellations and restrictions
Many insurance companies that say they cover the coronavirus actually means they are covering certain medical costs abroad, not canceling or limiting travel due to the pandemic. This means that if you catch Covid-19 while on vacation, all medical and additional costs, including repatriation and additional housing costs if you need to be quarantined, will be covered.
Other insurance companies can insure you if you need to cancel your trip because you caught the virus before you left or if you have been ordered to isolate yourself from the NHS testing and tracking team. Some companies will even insure you if the board of directors of the Federal Foreign Office (FCDO) changes while you are away, such as advising you now not to travel to your final destination unless absolutely necessary.

Here are some of the best coronavirus guidelines:

Nationwide is the only provider that currently covers policyholders if the FCDO changes its recommendations before you leave – for example, if you have to cancel your trip to Greece because it’s suddenly removed from the “low risk” list. It is also the only company that will protect you if the country you are traveling to imposes border restrictions due to the pandemic. However, this will change from 1 January 2021. Trips booked on or after this date can only be canceled if you are traveling to Covid-19 as a relative, colleague or companion.

Virgin Money has renewed travel insurance for new customers with the added coronavirus protection. New customers can now purchase policies that cover medical expenses, cancellations and restrictions due to a coronavirus diagnosis, and existing customers are automatically covered. Insurers benefit from medical costs if they require coronavirus treatment abroad, as well as additional housing costs (up to £ 2,000) if the treatment means customers need to extend their trip. Customers are also insured if they have to cancel their trip because they or a family member or destination of travel have been diagnosed with the coronavirus or have been instructed to personally isolate themselves from NHS services or health care professionals.
Travel bag insurance also provides protection, including vacation cancellation, if you or your partner receive a positive corona virus diagnosis from the NHS test within 14 days of travel. You are covered if your transport company refuses to board because of high temperatures or a positive test result. for medical expenses if exposed to the corona virus abroad; for accommodation costs as a result of staying longer if you or your partner is infected with Covid-19; and if the FCDO tip changes during your absence. However, cancellation fees will not be covered if the FCDO recommendation changes prior to your departure and you no longer wish to travel.

Allianz Assistance is one of the first to offer full coverage of the coronavirus. The guidelines now apply to trips that have been canceled because you or your partner have experienced symptoms or have been diagnosed with Covid-19. There is also coverage if you or your partner travels out of quarantine due to your personal circumstances, eg. B. when asked by NHS 111 (if you are unable to travel due to general quarantine in a region or country, this coverage does not apply). Medical expenses are also covered overseas (unless you are traveling against the advice of the FCDO), and you are also covered for repatriation or extended stay if you are less sick. You can cancel or shorten your trip if one of your close relatives (or your parents, children, brother or sister or grandparents) of your colleague or traveler becomes seriously ill with Covid-19.

Staysure has launched free coronavirus coverage to new policyholders. Includes travel cancellation insurance if you, your colleagues, travelers, people living with you or with whom you are on vacation are diagnosed with Covid-19 within 14 days of travel. emergency medical expenses abroad; Return; Cancellation and return protection if you are rejected goes up because of a positive Covid-19 test; unused and pre-booked trips to the limit of your coverage; additional accommodation and transportation if deemed necessary by medical staff; Overnight allowance if you are directed to isolate yourself in your vacation home because you have Covid-19; and the cancellation or interruption of your trip immediately following the death of the Covid-19 family.

Trailfinders claims that it offers “the most comprehensive guidance available for Covid-19”. This applies to pre-departure cancellations if you or a close relative has tested positive for Covid, if asked to isolate yourself from the official NHS testing and tracking application, or if a family member is on vacation, the virus was specifically visited. The cost of treating corona virus abroad, as well as extending accommodation if necessary, will be covered since you are quarantined while on vacation. If you have to cancel a previously booked trip because you have been asked to self-isolate, this is also covered. However, you will not be covered if your territory or even the whole of Great Britain is blocked before traveling.

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Destinations you can still visit without isolating yourself when you return

Tourists are currently able to travel to a certain number of countries without self-isolating.

Recent changes to the state’s list of travel corridors on Sunday expanded the exemptions to include the Canary Islands, Denmark, the Maldives and Mykonos.

This means anyone returning to the UK from these locations after 4 a.m. on October 25 will not need to self-isolate unless they have transited in another country that has not been released.

Countries that were recently removed from the Safe Travel List include Italy, San Marino and the Vatican.

Those returning to the UK from these places after 4 a.m. on October 18 must self-isolate now.

Destinations that people from the UK can visit without being quarantined on arrival or return are limited to a few.

The following are places to travel from the UK on arrival or return without quarantine:

Greece (including Mykonos from 4am on Sunday 25 October)
If you come to the UK from Mykonos before 4am on October 25th, you will need to self-isolate.

If you came to England from Crete before 4 a.m. on October 18, you will need to self-isolate.

Canary Islands (from 4am on Sunday 25 October)
If you came to the UK from the Canary Islands before 4 a.m. on October 25, you will need to self-isolate.

Germany – If you are not from or have recently visited a “high risk” part of the UK. These include North West England, Northeast England, Yorkshire and Humber, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland
Maldives – If you came to the UK from the Maldives before 4 a.m. on October 25, separate yourself. Tourists coming to the Maldives from the UK must take a personal Covid test at least 96 hours before departure
Madeira and Azores – If you are unable to provide evidence of a recent negative test, you will be tested on arrival and will need to be quarantined until the results return
The following is a complete list of locations currently on the travel corridor list:

Akrotiri and Dhekelia
Antigua and Barbuda
The Azores
British Antarctic Territory
British Indian Ocean Territory
British Virgin Islands
Walnut Island
Cayman island
Channel Islands
Falkland Islands
Faroe Islands
Greece (including Lesbos, Santorini, Serifos, Tinos and Zakynthos)
If you come to the UK from Mykonos before 4am on October 25th, you will need to self-isolate
If you came to the UK from Crete before 4 a.m. on 18 October 2020, you will need to self-isolate
Pasture land
Hong Kong

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Why has tourist stocks taken a hit today

What happened
Fears of growing coronavirus cases on the market today hit travel inventories such as Booking Holdings (NASDAQ: BKNG), MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM) and Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR).

Over the weekend, new cases of COVID-19 in the US hit a record high of around 80,000 new infections on Friday, and cases in much of Europe continue to hit new highs, threatening large parts of the continent. Several Atlantic nations have begun blocking measures to control the spread. France enforces 9:00. Night time in most countries.

If the weather turns colder, investors appear fearful of another wave of the virus that epidemiologists have been warning about for months.

By 2:20 p.m. EDT, share orders were down 5.7 percent while MGM was down 5.8 percent and Marriott was down 5.8 percent. At the same time, the S&P 500 fell 2.2%.

And what
The three stocks are exposed to the tourism industry in different ways, but are fundamentally dependent on travel for all of their businesses.

Booking Holdings, an online travel agency that also owns Priceline, Kayak, and Rentalcars.com, relies on Europe for most of its business, with Booking.com as the clear market leader. As a result, companies will be hard hit by the extensive blockade in Europe. Cases on the continent fell to minimal levels over the summer, but a second wave could affect results in the fourth quarter, including the holiday season, and in 2021.

Order revenue fell 84% in the second quarter, indicating the severe impact of the first block. As an online travel agent, booking fees are more flexible than other travel companies because most of the costs are related to marketing. It offers an advantage over badly affected sectors such as shipping lines and airlines, but still represents an operating loss of $ 484 million. Even after you’ve eliminated about 85% of your marketing budget.

MGM’s casino operator business is primarily focused on the Las Vegas market with resorts including Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage and MGM Grand. And while the number of cases in Nevada is more moderate than some parts of the state, MGM is relying on tourism and business conventions that are likely to suffer longer if cases increase again. TSA data show that air traffic is recovering gradually. Last week the United States had its first day with more than 1 million passengers since March, but that trend could easily be reversed.

Revenues decreased 91% in the second quarter as Vegas casinos were closed for most of the period. However, recently the company focused on online gaming through BetMGM and received a $ 1 billion investment from IAC with at least one account identified. Investors believe the shares are underestimated.

After all, Marriott, the world’s largest hotel company, is also exposed to business travel and tourism, despite the fact that their properties are scattered all over the world. Even though most Marriott properties are franchisees, the company still faces major challenges as franchisee revenue declines.

Revenues fell 72 percent to $ 1.46 billion in the second quarter as employment rates fell. In addition to facing the challenges of COVID-19, Marriott is also at risk of disrupting home-sharing services such as Airbnb, which now has more rental space than Marriott and will be privately listed for an IPO in August, freeing up more capital for expansion. stand up. . Airbnb also appears to have weathered the pandemic better than the hotel industry, as they are taking advantage of the flexibility of its model.

What now
All three stocks have fallen since the start of the year, but not as much as you might think. As the chart below shows, reservations are 15% while Marriott and MGM have lost about a third of their value.

It seems that this graph shows that if the next wave of the virus is worse than expected and creates a lockdown effect, this stock could fall further. We’ll learn more as the company reports earnings in the coming weeks.

MGM is in first place with the result on Thursday. Analysts expect sales to fall 63% to USD 1.23 billion and a loss of USD 1.01 per share. Even though the numbers both improved from the second quarter, projections still show MGM is in a deep hole.

High profile barrels with small flaps that fly under the City’s radar
An adventure investor like you doesn’t want to miss what could be a truly extraordinary opportunity …

As you can see, over the past three years, this AIM-listed company has been growing steadily … and has rewarded its shareholders with large share price growth thanks to a carefully executed buy and build strategy.

And with a world-class management team, proven and well-implemented business models, and market leaders in high-margin products, specialty products … our analysts believe there is more potential for growth.

Here’s your chance to find out what drove the Motley Fool UK investment team to tackle this £ 350 million small business in a tailor-made free investment report.

But here’s the really interesting part … we bet many British investors have never heard of this company!

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Travel restrictions are severely threatening the tourism industry

The Oireachtas Tourism Committee has heard about the damaging effects of travel restrictions caused by the tourism industry’s use of Covid-19.

Industry officials said they were talking about a “perfect storm” that has left a huge vacuum in the Irish economy.

Ruth Andrews, Chair of the Tourism Rehabilitation Task Force, said: “Tourism is the main local labor-intensive sector in Ireland and generates very significant export and tax revenues.

‘It is embedded in Ireland’s cultural fabric and social life and is of great importance to the regional economy.

“Because tourism is so integrated into the economy and so diverse and composed mostly of SMEs, it suffers from a lack of visibility and recognition as an internationally traded service.

“Covid is creating an ideal storm for tourism.

“The need to trade in an environment requiring limited social distancing and gatherings, and the fact that travel restrictions are causing overseas tourism to almost disappear, threatens the survival of a large part of Ireland’s tourism ecosystem.”

Due to strict travel restrictions, very few international travelers have visited Ireland since March.

“We are in a very unsafe place. Many companies will struggle to survive.”

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Top 10 travel destinations in the world

  1. Petra, Jordan

This terrestrial Atlantis, an ancient hardstone desert city, was once home to the Nabataeans, an AD civilization that specialized in stone temples and monumental tombs. Guests arrive through a narrow, dim, 1.2 km long canyon called the Siq, which suddenly opens to reveal the enormous Khazneh, a 40-meter-high treasury perched on top of a pillar. The rocks are attractive, the scale is impressive, and film fans can see many locations from Indiana Jones 3.

  1. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Owned by Ecuador but cooped up in the East Pacific, the islands that inspired Charles Darwin are as unique as ever. The so-called “Evolution Laboratory” where iguanas still bask on the jagged rocky beaches, sharks and turtles are still present at every session, and the famous Galapagos turtles still fight among the island’s grassy scrub. The ecosystem is fragile and tourism is tightly controlled, which makes it even more attractive.

  1. Uluru-Kata Tuta National Park, Australia

Deep in the reds of Australia, the monolith, formerly known as Ayer’s Rock, rises above the desert, surrounded by an endless sea of ​​sand. The rock was permanently closed for climbing last year after years of campaigning by Anangu residents who believe that the spirits of their ancestors were found inside the rock. Perhaps the rock’s most prominent feature is that two thirds of it is mostly underground.

  1. Delta Okavango, Botswana

Uluru and Petra are top of the list, but we will assume you are less familiar with the fourth option – the swamps in Botswana on the Okavango River. This stunning desert, swollen every year by the flood waters of the Angolan mountains, is one of the world’s most underrated safaris that you can enjoy from the prow of a motorboat or from an engraved canoe. Lions, rhinos, elephants, zebras and buffalo roam the endless delta islands, while local leopards have adapted to their habitats by learning to hunt giant catfish. Visits are strictly regulated to protect flora and fauna. Book in advance.

  1. Yellowstone National Park, USA

A center of geothermal activity in three states and 8,991 square kilometers, Yellowstone was designated the world’s first national park in 1872 and remains one of its most impressive. Attacking all the senses, the smell of sulfur filled the nostrils and a bubbling gust of geyser filled the air. The wildlife here is large, healthy, and mostly brown – from crocheted buffalo to elk, clumsy grizzly bears to wandering wolves.

  1. Lake Bled, Slovenia

This original postcard is the only European entry to break into the top 10. It has a castle on one bank, the president’s house on the other, and a pretty little white brick church on an island in between. A constant stream of tourists can cross the 6 km long coast, ride a gondola or take a leisurely swim, surrounded by pine trees and the peaks of the Slovenian Alps. Everyone will enjoy the panoramic view twice – once with the lake view and once on the neat mirror surface.

  1. Iguazu Falls, Argentina-Brazil

You’ve heard of Angel and Niagara Falls, but maybe you’ve never come across this giant waterfall on the Argentina-Brazil border. As the largest waterfall system in the world, you can hear the thunder floods long before you see it and a thin mist of moisture fills the air. It is not easy to get to, but fearless travelers will be rewarded with howling monkeys, hoarse parrots, and wildly uncontrollable forests.

  1. Angkor Temple, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, the crown jewel in a series of temples and shrines with more than 1,000 inhabitants, has a notorious reputation for having a large moat that leads to a 55-meter central tower surrounded by lush Cambodian jungle on all sides. obtained. Most guides recommend visiting at sunrise, as morning light falls over the complex, illuminating the intricate carvings and reliefs with bright orange light.

  1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Part natural wonder, part optical illusion, part perfect plane. The crystal-clear surface of these Bolivian salt flats looks like a post-apocalyptic desert crack during the dry season, unlike anything else in Mad Max. After the rain, a thin layer of water turns the apartment into a perfect glass mirror that blends salt and sky into the illusion of a cloudy blue. Take note of where the horizon is prior to your visit as you may not be able to see it while you’re there.

  1. Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

If you’re looking for a relaxing beach getaway, you’ve come to the wrong place – the Annapurna Circuit is a hard work destination. Epic transitions around Nepal’s Himalayas – from rice fields at the foot of mountains to snow-capped Thorong La Pass – climate change from tropical to arctic and culture from Hinduism to Tibet. However, their grafts feature some of the greatest views in the world and mountain huts serving hot tea which tastes better because it’s hard to come by.

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Tips for Safe Travel During COVID-19

It’s no secret that the world has changed forever since the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Industry, particularly the tourism sector, has been hit badly by closing borders, travel restrictions and blockades across the country. Airlines have tried to cover their losses, as have destinations and hotels, but they still have problems.

With restrictions reduced and borders reopened to tourists and travelers, travel looks very different from last year. Here are some tips on how to travel safely while staying healthy during COVID-19.

Wear a face mask

This is one of the easiest and most preventable ways to travel safely during a pandemic. Wearing a face covering not only protects you from catching the virus, it also prevents you from spreading to neighbors on planes or at airports.

Face masks are a fashion statement these days. While people have homemade masks to match any outfit or high-end fashion style with designer labels, these masks have become modern and save lives. Make sure to wear a mask when sitting or standing in a crowd.

Wash your hands frequently

Before you leave the house to start your journey, make sure you have a bottle of hand sanitizer. As children we are often taught to wash our hands, but somehow many of us forget how to care for it in our daily adult lives.

Rub in a little hand sanitizer after touching surfaces like doorknobs or escalators. Also, remember to always wash your hands or do something with your hands near your face before eating. This will prevent viral infection when you are traveling outside.

Keep your distance

They may be lousy to be told on social distancing, but it needs to be in these moments. If possible, try to stay 2 meters away from strangers. This is important if you are lining up on a plane, bus, waiting in line for a tourist spot, or eating at a restaurant.

Eat outdoors

It is believed that many people catch the virus while eating in restaurants or indoors. Try to eat out whenever possible on your trip. Sitting outdoors while traveling is the best option.

Consider alternative travel options

Many of us are accustomed to ordering tickets and boarding planes to our destinations. Now we need to rethink our travel plans a little to avoid too many people. Although you can still catch a commercial flight, there is no guarantee that you will get a seat next to you.

So why not book a private jet charter to Miami for your vacation? Or instead of traveling on a busy bus or train, take a trip away from your journey. There are always alternatives to choose from when traveling safely during a pandemic.

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