ways to travel the world without leaving the sofa

Take a cooking class

Is there anything better than homemade Italian grandmother’s food? We do not believe that. While Italy is currently at curfew to slow the spread of COVID-19, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve on outstanding Italian food.

Nonna Nerina, an 84-year-old Italian grandmother in Palombara Sabina, Italy, has created a virtual cooking class for the Airbnb experience. Here he practically teaches you how to make Italian classics such as ravioli, beaters and fettuccine. Keep in mind that he only teaches on weekends. The days of the week are taught by his grandchildren. If you enter your email address, you may receive a 25% discount for a two-hour course for a limited time.

Get it at Disney

The magic isn’t over just because all the Disney parks in the world are closed until further notice. You can stream Disney virtual tours from parks around the world, from Florida to France, from the comfort of your own home. What about the Disney vacation offer?

Find parks and attractions

Take a trip to nature, so indoors. Thanks to Google Arts & Culture, you can search for national parks and famous tourist attractions throughout the country. Consider: the Statue of Liberty, Rushmore Peak, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park and Alcatraz Island. Better yet, everything is available for free and you don’t have to queue.

Visit the botanical garden

A number of botanical gardens throughout the country also offer virtual tours for travelers. For example, the U.S. Botanical Garden Conservatory in Washington, DC is temporarily closed to the public until April 1, at least. Meanwhile, you can take a virtual tour of the park and immerse yourself in a beautiful landscape.

Take an art course

A number of universities hold free virtual art classes, according to Arty, and many have a global perspective. You can learn about Japanese history through pictures or discover ancient Egyptian art and antiques. They know what they are saying: if you can’t travel, you can spend several hours each week searching for photos of the place you want. Is that true

Listen to live music

Did the corona virus thwart your plans to go to major music events such as South by Southwest (SXSW), New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival or Coachella?

Fortunately, many bands and musicians play the couch because many of their concerts have been canceled due to new social distance restrictions. For example, Dead and Company will hold a free weekly concert on Facebook. The concert will include past shows that fans can watch for free, Live for Live Music reports.

And, according to NPR, travelers can experience live performances, virtual jazz shows, electronic festivals, classical concerts and more.

Watch a movie

Pamper yourself with a much-needed break from all the craziness out there and make yourself comfortable on the couch with one of these movies that feels good and weird this weekend. Some of our best photos are “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Mama Mia” – but there are many classic films and TV series to choose from.

Is the company ready to travel when the world is reconnected?

The travel industry, which has carefully returned to normal, will be vital for many companies that are currently supporting life. And during accumulation, travel managers who have reviewed their policies and are available to help suppliers can make the process smooth by helping their own organizations and suppliers.

The travel industry, which has carefully returned to normal, will be vital for many companies that are currently supporting life. And during accumulation, travel managers who have reviewed their policies and are available to help suppliers can make the process smooth by helping their own organizations and suppliers.

“There will be a beginning and a slow start, and I hope we will see policies that pursue when goals can be opened. Policies introduced by large companies will allow people to move around that part of the world or whether regulations prevent people from moving and going somewhere so no shop to reopen the hotel? “said Scott Solombrino, director of the Global Business Travel Association.

The trade organization, which claims to have 9,000 members who manage $ 345 billion annually in travel and business meetings around the world, now asks big brands every day when they think they will boom.

“This is slow bleeding and has caused regional structural problems in the long run … But one thing we know from talking to companies is that there is very limited demand. Many companies have just recently closed down. This means there is one going to there has been a lot of movement from people trying to get out soon, all of this business has been stopped and needed.

However, there are concerns that airlines and hotels may not be able to meet the increasing demand for business trips. On the other hand, what happens when the flight resumes and the hotel reopens, but nothing appears because the travel guidelines don’t allow it?


Responsible public procurement can play a key role in controlling buyer and supplier concerns, while hotels in particular can maintain tariffs to ensure long-term survival.

“At the moment, I want to work with my supplier base and I try to be responsible for helping them overcome strong winds. In this case, I will notify my suppliers early so they can consider restoring their capacity,” said Chris Poney, a consultant contract. “It is almost an obligation to help them secure and manage that capacity.”

Pouney also believes that travel managers should not check fares. “Now is not the time to compete with suppliers because they are desperate. Orders are performing poorly – it’s good to see how responsible orders are being carried out. We need suppliers to stay close,” he said adding that now could be the right time to change the writing tool This automatic reset.


It is also not possible for travel managers to see price reductions – “Don’t be in a hurry to go down too fast or too low,” advises the revenue management company.

There are similarities between major events such as September 11, where land airlines have influenced hotel demand. Although this period is much shorter than the corona virus, September 11 is seismic enough to change the pattern of distribution. Hotels in particular panicked and switched from the commission model to a commercial model that agents could use to set their own rates.

“After September 11, online travel agents told hotels: Give us the lowest price. Then they sell it cheap. This gives these agents airtime, the billboard effect they need. Consumers have a closeness with them.” said Michael McCartan, Revenue Management Consultant and former Executive Vice President at RateGain. “It takes four or five years for prices to be normalized again. Power is shifting and online agents are attracting the attention of consumers who are becoming loyal.”

McCartan argues that history will not be repeated and that business travel managers should not expect lower hotel prices. “Hotels are aware that giving up full control is not profitable in the long run. Now they are sacrificing jobs and maintaining slightly higher rates. When people are not traveling, there is only so much demand and price is not the only factor. The theory must be restored quickly.

“But if we behave irrationally, the impact will be severe. We hope there are enough industry people who have lived until September 11 to guide and learn from the past.”

Corona Virus: Police have installed roadblocks to comply with basic travel rules

Police have set up checkpoints along the main road and stopped the driver to ensure that, given the spread of coronavirus, people are following the new basic travel guidelines.

UK Police officials stopped the bus between 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. last night (Thursday, March 26) and found that there were still people who made small road trips, even though the government warned that people were only moving their homes. must leave if absolutely necessary.

Officials also reported incidents of antisocial behavior and people gathering in groups in the city, which went against the government’s order not to be part of a meeting of more than two people.

The service then repeated that the police had the right to punish and even arrest those who repeatedly and consciously violated applicable restrictions and increased the risk of spreading the virus.

However, the office also said it would do anything to help those who really needed help.

A Facebook post from Police Department said, Police Department is carrying out a number of obstacles tonight that lead to the city to determine the reason for the move, rather than isolating oneself and trying.” Identify anyone in the community who might need additional help.

Provides smart pricing on the airline and travel markets

Charlotte Gassert is Vice President of Sales, Europe, for the analytic company Infare, which uses large amounts of data to help airlines, airports and travel agents optimize their revenue management systems

How do you get into the world of aviation?

My flight career began 18 years ago when I joined American Airlines at the European Reservation headquarters in Dublin. From there I took on various functions in the German sales department before turning to more strategic management positions in European sales. After leading European units of a large travel management company, I moved to Budapest to oversee all of the company’s sales, marketing and booking activities in Hungary before being responsible for all North European and Baltic trade activities.

How did your career develop?

After 12 years with American Airlines, I saw an opening at Etihad Airways. In the same year, the airline started a partnership with Air Berlin, which allowed me to launch this joint offer on the market. When an opportunity arises for Infare, I am ready to take the next step and move to the aviation data technology center.

Can you describe your roles and responsibilities?

As Vice President of European Sales, I follow Infare sales in Europe and Africa, which are currently an important focus for us. My job is to support our sales team in achieving the best value for our customers, work with them on innovative new ideas, continue to develop our value proposition and further optimize the way we work. Because this is a newly created role, I have the opportunity to help shape and define our position and professionalization.

How has your previous experience helped you with your current role?

I understand what the airline needs and how it works. The main focus of my previous role was to review processes, create new business methods, build teams, and create value for customers and employees. Infare now makes some big changes with the fast growth we have seen in the last few years; actively design, expand and create something new. One can say with certainty that my skills in sales, organization and project management will be fully exploited.

What do you like most about your job?

I like to unite people, develop ideas, develop strategies and be part of a dynamic environment. The world of airlines is constantly changing and our solutions are supported, which change in many ways. We help airlines make smart decisions for long-term business goals by providing more data and expertise to make it useful. Our sales team moves from sales to advice – we can better support our customers with our experience and knowledge.

How do you see how your customer base develops?

For nearly 20 years we have reached an unbeatable global reach, and Africa is an important target market for us to expand our customer base and conquer this very diverse and attractive continent. We also see that customers demand increasingly diverse data and can respond to this question with the various products we offer, which are designed for various departments. Wealth and availability of data are very important, but knowing how to interpret information allows airlines to act. Tools for pricing information are very important for this purpose. Our sales and account management team helps customers get the most from their subscriptions.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see that I am still in the heart of this unprecedented industry that is so dynamic and interesting. Looking back at the state of the industry when I started, there was no online registration or a la carte prices – who would have thought that this time there was? Innovation in the aviation industry is extraordinary. At the same time, we still have the human factor in a journey that combines the best of both worlds. The travel industry is addictive!

Key UK Rules: Is it an easy journey and can I go anywhere to train or bring my dog?

Social distance measures have been imposed by the government, which raises concerns about some rules about what you can and cannot do.

According to new government guidelines, people can do sports once a day. But does this include driving to a beauty salon or running to run or run your dog?

Here are answers to some basic questions.

Can I go for a walk with my dog?

The current rules for blocking say that there are only four reasons for leaving your home:

A form of daily exercise (where you bring your dog)
Important things in shopping
Traveling to and from work
To meet medical needs
North Yorkshire police have announced that they will use checkpoints to stop vehicles and ask drivers where they are going.

Deputy Police Chief Mike Walker said: “The new and significant restrictions announced by the Prime Minister on Monday night made clear what each of us must do to save our lives.

“The message is clear and the warning is sharp. Stay home, save your life.”

A brochure to Avon and Somerset police drivers says: “You have the right to exercise once a day. You have to do this on foot, by running or cycling from your home address. You don’t have to go somewhere driving away from home to do this “”

Because the police are now authorized to arrest those who ignore the blocking rules, it is not advisable to go to another location to take your dog for a walk or exercise.

Is the park closed?

The list published by the government says, “Parks are only open to individuals and households to do sports once a day.

“Public areas in the park such as playgrounds and soccer fields will be closed.”

The National Trust also announced that they were closing all their gardens and parks because of the spread of the corona virus.

The statement said, “We have now closed all our gardens and parks, as well as our homes, cafes and shops, to curb the spread of the corona virus, and at the end of Tuesday 24 March we will close all our cars.” Garden.

“We believe it is important that people do not travel, but stay at home and take social distance steps.”

What is “basic travel”?

You need to be aware of what the government defines as “big trip”.

After the social distance guidelines were released, the government also said that people should avoid traveling unless important.

The statement stated: “The main trip does not include a second home, camp, caravan park or the like, regardless of isolation or vacation destinations.

“People must live in their main residence. If these steps are not taken, communities and services that are already at risk will continue to be under pressure.”

Coronavirus: Facts from the World Health Organization and NHS

What is a corona virus?
COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that can affect the lungs and respiratory tract. This is caused by a virus called the corona virus.

What causes corona virus?
The outbreak began in Wuhan, China in December 2019, and it is believed that the virus, like other viruses, originated in animals.

How is it spread?
Because this is a new disease, experts are still not sure how it will spread. But such viruses spread in the form of coughs. Therefore, you are advised to cover your nose and mouth if you sneeze, cough, and immediately remove used tissue. Viruses such as the corona virus cannot live outside the body for very long.

What are the symptoms?
The NHS states that the symptoms are: dry cough, fever, and shortness of breath – but these symptoms do not always mean you have the disease. Look for flu-like symptoms such as pain, nasal congestion, runny nose, and sore throat. It is important to remember that some people can be infected but do not experience symptoms or feel uncomfortable.

What security measures can be taken?
Wash your hands with soap and water. The NHS also recommends covering your mouth and nose with tissue or arms (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze. Put the used material in the trash immediately and avoid close contact with unhealthy people. Also, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth unless your hands are clean.

On Monday, March 23, the Prime Minister arrested Britain and ordered all citizens to stay at home. People can only leave their homes once a day, buy food and medicines, travel for medical needs or care for vulnerable people, and only travel for work when it is very important. The police can impose these restrictions.

All non-essential shops are closed with immediate effects, such as playgrounds, places of worship and libraries. Large events or gatherings of more than two people, including weddings and celebrations, cannot occur. Funerals can only be attended by close relatives.

Children of separated parents can move between the two parents’ homes.

Anyone who has symptoms of cough or cold should isolate themselves from their entire household for 14 days.

The government now instructs bars, restaurants, theaters and businesses not to close and conduct monthly reviews. The school is closed Friday March 20 for the future and the exam has been canceled.

They ask anyone in their 70s or anyone who is vulnerable or has an underlying medical condition to be very careful and stay at home to isolate themselves. People with serious health problems will be contacted and urged to take “protection” within 12 weeks.

Visit their website for more information on government advice.

Should I avoid public places?
Now you should avoid public places and small trips. Traveling abroad is also advised not to spend the next 30 days, and many European countries have closed their borders.

What should I do if I feel uncomfortable?
Don’t go to your doctor, instead look for an online coronavirus service that will let you know if you need medical help and what to do next.
Call 111 only if you cannot get online help.

When to call NHS 111
Call NHS 111 only if you don’t get online help and feel very uncomfortable. This should be used if you feel very ill with coronavirus symptoms. If you have been in a country with a high risk of coronavirus in the past 14 days or have made close contact with someone with a virus, please use online services.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Tips for transportation and travel in the UK

Stay at home
Go to and from work only for food or health reasons, or when traveling, but only if you cannot work from home
Position yourself outside the room 2 meters from other people
Wash your hands as soon as you get home
Anyone can spread the corona virus.

Complete instructions for staying at home and away from others
You have to stay home. You may only leave your home for a very limited purpose.

This is to stop the spread of the corona virus.

Stay home, defend the NHS, save lives.

Public transportation – buses, trains, subways, trams, ferries
Use public transportation only if needed. When traveling by public transportation:

Avoid the peaks and peak times when you can
Cover the cough or sneeze with a tissue and put the cloth in the container
Follow the tips to stay away from others
Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds
If soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based disinfectants
Do not use public transportation if:

You have symptoms of coronavirus – persistent new cough or fever
You or one of your households isolates yourself
Look for reduced services and closed stations:

local bus, train, tram and ferry companies
National Railroad
Air travel
You cannot travel by plane unless your trip is very important.

To review, change, or cancel your travel plans:

Contact your airline, travel company or accommodation provider
Contact your insurance company


With travel bans and blocks falling when Covid-19 moves around the world, it’s crazy not to cancel your travel plans at the first opportunity. I admit that the proposal to reimburse Ryanair’s costs for my Faro flight on Easter weekend is difficult to reject, especially given the uncertain economic climate in which we are. Instead, I decided to postpone my trip until summer. Here I want to give you some of the main reasons why you still did not cancel your travel plans for Covid-19.

Canceling your travel plans that are relatively far in the future (and I mean, anytime after the end of April) is totally unwise for several reasons. First, the situation changes every day and who knows what can happen in more than a month. Second, your airline may not have officially canceled their flight, which means you have not yet been eligible for a refund.

For example – I booked a flight to Naples for a vacation in early May. Now Jet2 has canceled all flights to Italy on April 26th and I am pretty sure that as we approach the date, my adventure with the Bucket List on the Amalfi Coast will also be bad for those feared, you know. If I cancel the flight now while the sequel is still planned, I will not be given the option to re-order or receive a refund and lose all the money spent on the flight.

Instead, I waited for an email from Jet2 informing me that my flight had been canceled (sighing), and then I could schedule a later date, as was the case with my Easter flight. Do you want to cancel, reschedule, or rewrite, wait until you are asked by the company you ordered. If the government still advises you not to go there during your trip, you should be able to get your money back.

Simply put, the travel industry is on its knees at the moment. I need to know – I work for a travel magazine. While thousands of flight attendants, hotel staff, and tour operators around the world have been fired, thousands of us wake up every morning for fear we will make a living.

If you are offered a choice by your airline, hotel, travel agency or travel company, consider making a reservation or rescheduling instead of completely canceling your itinerary. Companies that really want to stay afloat even if they don’t invest money will have more problems if the refund is taken back by anyone who has a itinerary.

Virtual call center from TaiS Made Travel

Tailor Made Travel, a Welsh travel agent, has set up a virtual call center to help NHS recruit key additional employees, including janitors and operators, after being forced to temporarily close 20 branches and move employees to homes during the corona virus delivery block.

Managing Director Simon Morgan said that some employees work from home to help their own travel agent customers, while others who are “thumbs up” are available for NHS, industry partners, and other organizations.

He said they have the capacity to handle 50 calls at a time.

“We have a voluntary crisis team (at home) that handles all of our customers. We also have a number of employees who are waving – effective thumb rotation.

“Our unique communication technology allows us to send employees home using Apple Macs and Internet telephones. They are not limited to our internal calls – we can also answer calls to third parties.

“After searching for NHS-related calls and successfully managing unique calls, records and methods for identifying callers and callers, the company decided to offer services to companies that have a call history to deal with the current crisis.

“We can be what you like, send written responses in advance and turn calls into e-mails, etc. In fact, there are no restrictions – and you won’t get a better chameleon from a travel agent – we can do almost anything.”

Morgan said no industry partner had accepted the offer of Tailor Made’s telephone support, but was convinced that it would not be long before he contacted him.

“It is logical to offer our services to tour operators, airlines, etc. because we already understand the business and automatically understand the main objectives,” he added.

“If you are a tour operator whose channel is blocked, we will help you.”

The police apply the basic rules when traveling

A special unit of 500 BTP consoles is now patrolling the national rail network, and passengers are reminded at the station that only one-way trips are recommended.

According to Mayor Sadik Khan, the number of London Underground users has declined in the past two days. His remarks followed protests earlier this week when it was learned that the reduction in subway transportation services was as busy as usual at peak times, making social distance impossible.

The mayor said yesterday that the number of passengers had dropped by one third, but more had to be done. He continued: “We need more Londoners to do the right thing and stay home.

“Nearly a third of TfL employees are sick or independent – including train drivers and control personnel.

“Many have taken critical security training for years to follow certain paths – so it is not possible to replace them with others.

“If the number of TfL hospital employees or entrepreneurs continues to increase – as we expect – we have no choice but to reduce our services.”

To prevent underground use, several additional escalators were turned off and queues at the ticket office were introduced.

BTP deputy police chief Sean O’Callaghan said: “The steps announced by the prime minister are to save lives, which are part of the daily work of our employees. We support the railroad operators and the most important employees who travel home tonight with 500 employees throughout the country Railroad network.

“They will become a patrol station, support railroad personnel, and remind the public of the urgent need to comply with government recommendations. Only those who travel basic need to use pipelines and trains.

“We urge people to do the right thing and help us save lives by staying at home and slowing the spread of the virus.”

One of London’s airports will be closed for at least a month because the coronavirus destroys the air travel industry

London City Airport will stop operating on Wednesday night as the ongoing coronavirus crisis continues to drive demand for travel. Closing must continue until the end of April.

The airport announced the closure on Wednesday in a statement that all commercial and private flights would be disrupted. The closing plan is being “revised”, said a press release.

“At this moment in this fast-moving and unprecedented situation, we believe that this is the responsibility for the safety and welfare of employees, passengers and everyone connected to the airport,” the statement said. “All of our employees will continue to be employed and will return to work as soon as possible.”

The airport will continue to be available for government use “if it can be used to support emergency services, military or other government agencies.”

London City Airport carries about 5.1 million passengers in 2019, the twelfth largest in the UK. The airport is located in the Royal Docks district and is popular with business travelers for flights to the UK and Europe because of its accessibility and proximity to the financial center of London.

This is also used by British Airways for business class flights to and from New York by riding one of the smallest transatlantic aircraft. This flight was terminated earlier in March.

The aviation and air travel sector is underestimated by the corona virus, because government and health officials advise anyone who is not in a key position to stay at home and delay the spread of the disease.