The car defeated all other forms of travel in terms of social distance options

I rarely send letters . But last week I felt compelled to write to some high-ranking and influential people I knew in the corridor of power. Why Because during this sad health crisis, they have a partial answer to the social distance dilemma they face. The problem is they don’t know. Or at least they didn’t do it until I gave them a line.

The day I wrote the letter began when I received an invitation to speak on national radio about the difficulties of social distance in removing blockages, and when, for example, residents continued their journey to work and school.

Let’s start with trains, buses, buses, bicycles, sidewalks, and planes. And in return the train station, bus stop, bus stop, bicycle storage room and sails, recreation areas for pedestrians and airports. Damn it Dirty place. As I told the radio host and a few hours later my “friend” at Westminster, in such a fashion and place, the public might never be two meters away; We joke when we think differently. The same thing applies to employees on public transport that are often faced with passengers.

During the show, I explained that the best, safest, and most suitable place for someone to keep socializing while traveling for health, shopping, working, or other reasons is in a motorized car that is locked with a closed car. Window. The host looked surprised. But he suggested: “You can be there for something.”

Luxury watches are an unused source of liquidity that provides instant cash

Historically high unemployment and declining business activity have pushed people to look for new sources of liquidity in the coming months to avoid economic uncertainty. An increasingly popular strategy is to use capital owned by many people in one or more luxury watches that they have through guaranteed loans. Indeed, luxury watches are the most common form of guarantee for loan guarantees through Borro, a leading provider of secured loans supported by luxury goods.

What is a collateral loan? Secured loans are a reliable, fast and easy way to access cash without checking credit, credit ratings, or financial information. Instead, people can get loans with luxury items such as pre-existing luxury watches or other items such as luxury and vintage cars, jewelry and diamonds, gold and precious metals, designer bags and accessories as well as first-rate guarantees from auction houses luxury real estate and even sports are guaranteed. and maintenance contract. Many do not know that owning these assets offers the most flexible, convenient and immediate financing options in times of unexpected and urgent monetary needs. Borro is a leading national collateral provider, offering loans of $ 450 million to more than 15,000 investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others.

Is it a luxury watch or a collective loan? Luxury watch owners, collectors and retailers can get standard or loan loans ranging from $ 2,500 to more than $ 5,000,000 from Borro. With Borro, customers can enjoy the true value of their luxury watches without having to wait, and most importantly, without having to sell. Borro’s internal specialist has more than 80 years of experience in luxury goods. They are experts in this field with deep connections to auction houses and a network of appraisers, dealers and strong dealers who give people the assurance that they can entrust their luxury watches to Borro.

Who can get loans for their luxury watches? Borro has made this financing option available to anyone who only has a luxury watch or those who have a watch collection. Capital can be used with cash within 48 hours for personal or business reasons.

What are the criteria for a security loan for a luxury watch? Borro’s loan offer is based on the secondary value of a luxury watch. Values ​​are determined based on brand and model, condition, rarity, age and origin. In addition, Borro deals with market feedback and surveys among producers, auction house files and third-party data collectors. As part of Boro’s efforts, they also reviewed the list of items lost and stolen.

Brands accepted as security include Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, A. Lange and Söhne, Hublot, Richard Mille, Cartier, Omega, Piaget, and others.

Who is boro? Borro, the Luxury Asset Capital brand, is a leader in confidential credit where borrower’s luxury goods function as collateral. We are a contemporary alternative to traditional loans, which are often too slow, invasive and stressful, or in some cases unavailable. We utilize equity for a variety of luxury goods with high value and low liquidity, and make transactions from thousands to millions of dollars in just one business day.

We were created to provide capital to individuals at critical times because we can count on us to act quickly and confidentially to meet financial deadlines for individuals and businesses. We are lenders to more than 15,000 customers and have provided more than $ 450 million in loans since our inception more than a decade ago. Borro’s level of transparency, convenience and services, which sets industry standards, makes Borro a leader in reliable alternative credit solutions.

The UAE emirate said requests to travel will take many months to get back to normal

Dubai – Emirates, the world’s largest long-distance operator, announced on Sunday that requests to travel 18 months ago did not become “normal” anymore because the coronavirus virus reduced the number of passengers in its final fiscal year, which ended 31. March The company also reported “inefficiencies fuel safety “at the end of the period.

Emirates, the owner of the largest fleet of Boeing A380 and 777, suspended most of its passenger operations in March when the UAE canceled flights without cargo and evacuation flights. Emirates resumed limited one-way flights on April 6, saying limited passenger flights were carried out on May 9 to transport passengers from selected destinations back to the UAE.
“We estimate it will take at least 18 months to find a trip to look normal again,” said a statement from Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum, President of Emirates.

“Meanwhile, we are actively working with regulators and related stakeholders to set the health and safety standards of passengers and operators in the post-pandemic world.”

Scheduled flight stops in the UAE have pressured regional and even global fuel demand.

According to S&P Global Platts Analytics, aviation fuel consumption in the UAE alone accounts for more than 30% of aviation fuel consumption in the Middle East region in 2019 and more than 2.5% of global aviation fuel demand. Requests do not include refueling for international flights in the UAE.

Fuel bills
The company’s fuel bill, the airline’s biggest cost component, declined in the last fiscal year when oil prices fell. The average price of jet fuel fell 9% in the fiscal year ended March 31, compared with 22% a year earlier, Emirates said.

“Including a 6% reduction in line with capacity reduction, airline fuel bills fell 15% last year to AED 26.3 billion ($ 7.2 billion), or 31% of operating costs, compared to 32% in 2018-19,” he said.

Emirates said it was carrying 56.2 million passengers in the last 12 months, down 4% from the previous period.

The volume of shipments fell 10% to 2.4 million tons, “due to reduced capacity due to Boeing 777 cargo withdrawal and reduced stomach capacity available in the first and last quarters of this year,” the statement said.

Overall revenue for the year fell 6% to 92 billion dirhams, reflecting the planned 45-day runway closure and suspension of passenger flights in March. However, total profits increased 21% to 1.1 billion dirhams and would have been even higher if it had not been for the loss of 1.1 billion dirhams due to “inefficiency in securing fuel at the end of the year”.

According to a report by the International Air Transport Association, the UAE aerospace industry is expected to lose $ 6.8 billion in revenue, compared to a 53% decrease in passenger numbers in 2019 from a previous estimate of $ 5.36 billion. last month. IATA represents 290 airlines, which corresponds to 82% of global air traffic. The UAE airline industry is the second worst affected by the Corona virus outbreak after Saudi Arabia.

All passengers at LAX must now wear face masks

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) announced new steps this week to ensure passenger safety, including the latest rules that all passengers entering the LAX terminal must wear masks.
“On Monday, May 11, everyone at the LAX terminal had to wear a face mask,” said a statement by airport officials. “This policy is in line with health agency guidelines and reflects the City of Los Angeles guidelines on the use of face coatings in shops and restaurants.”
Officials found that this new requirement is an extension of the existing airport policy, which requires that all employees at the world airport in Los Angeles (LAWA) wear face coverings in public areas of terminals and office buildings. “Anyone who has no face is asked to wear it,” the statement said.

The official suggested that all guests should bring facewear during their “trip to the airport”. According to officials who noted city and district officials, this could have a different meaning that the face covering could mean “woven face covers, scarves, or bandanas”. Face coverings can be made from t-shirts, towels, or other material that is held by rubber bands or other fasteners. “”
Travelers must be reminded that Federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) staff “can ask guests to repair or remove face shields during the security check process.”
In addition to masks, staff and TSA recommend that passengers wash their hands before or after security checks or use hand disinfectants to stop the spread of the corona virus.
“Many airlines have introduced or will implement policies that require aircraft coverage,” officials said, citing airlines such as Delta, JetBlue, and United’s new rules that require passengers to cover their faces while flying. “Similar to airline rules, LAX guests can take off their masks for a short time to consume food or drinks, but they must wear their masks when they finish eating.” Do you need help finding some masks to add to your clothes? Look at these brands that now make masks for everyone.

before you grab that bargain travel deal

The airlines offer high discounts to attract potential passengers, but buyers need to do their homework before planning their vacation for the corona virus.
Is it time to plan when the world will open to travel again?
Covid-19’s global pandemic has effectively hibernated the aviation industry, with travel restrictions and quarantine requirements throughout the world.

In pursuit of crucial cash flows, airlines offer many tempting offers for those who want to book in advance.
Here’s what you need to know
How low is the price?
For the rest of 2020, flight demand is unpredictable. When, where and how travel restrictions were lifted when short notice was received. But for those who like to plan a little further into the future, there are already very low prices for long-haul flights.
Dollar Flight Club, a low-cost airline signaling service, estimates that airline tickets in 2021 will be 35% lower than in 2019.
The report covers international and domestic flights and suggests continuing travel on May 31.
The Dollar Flight Club found that fares for flights from 2020 and 2021 were reduced by 65% ​​compared to pre-Covid-19 prices.
Do you need to buy cheap plane tickets now?
Despite all the uncertainties, travel is “a great thing to look forward to and a focus on planning,” said John Thorne, director of customer satisfaction at Skyscanner, an online booking company.
It is a personal decision whether you have the right time to think about traveling now.
However, there are two airline guidelines that you need to know when deciding to order. First, check the airline cancellation policy and offers at such events (full cash refund or “travel voucher” valid for a certain period of time). and second, the most important thing is politics, what happens if you choose not to travel.
What is “flexible ticket”?
Flexible tickets are what airlines expect today.
You can usually cancel or change your data for free.

For example, Cathay Pacific offers unlimited flight changes for one year at no additional charge for existing tickets and any new tickets purchased until June 30.
However, this is relatively generous compared to the broader industry.
Tom Hughes on the online rental platform Clickstay said, “If the flight you book doesn’t work, you can often re-order, get vouchers, or in some cases get a refund, but that depends on the airline to the airline.” “
If your flight is not canceled, you can still get a refund, but you may have to pay a refund.
Singapore Airlines also only offers flight credit, no refunds. In this case, consider whether you are satisfied with a voucher for the same airline.
What precautions should I take when ordering?
Skyscanner has added an option on its website to only show airlines with flexible tickets. Thorne still advises being careful.
“Landscaping changes every day when airlines respond to changing circumstances, so it’s good to review the guidelines at the time of booking,” he said.
Thorne also said that you need to take out travel insurance and check cover before ordering. Cancellations are possible in the future. Therefore, it is important to inform yourself about airline guidelines.
What about subsidized tourism?
If tourists don’t come, why not pay to bring it? An Italian tourism agency called Visit Sicily has launched a program that pays 50% of the fare and a third of the hotel bill for tourists visiting the island.
Should travelers rely on such sweeteners?

“I think this is a broken marketing step because the government’s policy of canceling all incentives offered by regional travel agents or trade groups, and that makes the problem of changing reservations and getting refunds even more confusing,” he said. Hughes.
“Imagine, for example, Phuket offers to pay half of my flight to lure me and my family there. How will the police do it? With the national flag or with the airlines? How can I prove how much I spent my flight? What if the government changes policy on arrival? How do I get a refund? What if I want to postpone my flight for next year? “”
He believes that a better way to lure tourists to destinations is by giving them, for example, $ 200 for vouchers they can use for hotels, restaurants and attractions.
Do I have to book a trip or wait?
It is possible to watch the era of very cheap flights to come, but they won’t be too comfortable. All this can be disadvantaged because the Dollar Flight Club expects the number of flights to decrease.
“We can expect lower ticket prices in the short term,” the report said, “and in the long run, if demand for cheap travel recovers, airplane ticket prices will rise significantly above the level.” 2019. “

Coronavirus: Fear of car trading after only 24 sales a month

Local car sales almost closed last month. Only 24 new car sales are listed, as the data shows.

The lock, which took effect in March, resulted in all showrooms being closed, resulting in a 99.4% drop in sales.

Unlike other months when they claimed positions in the top 3 most popular cars, there was no new Ford Fiesta or Ford Focus listed.

In exchange, the best-selling car in Northern Ireland was named by the Machine Manufacturers and Traders Company (SMMT) in April as “other Brits”, three were sold.

Three models, which occupy second place in the figures, each sells two. They are Dacia Sandero, Range Rover and Vauxhall Vivaro.

The other 15 cars are all one model, from Nissan Qashqai, Renault Clio and Lexus CT to two Audi A3 and Audi 6.

In contrast to the two dozen cars sold in April, 4,060 cars were sold in the same month last year.

Richard Ramsay, chief economist at Ulster Bank, said car sales in Northern Ireland had declined before the coronary virus exploded and stopped.

It is feared that the decline in demand for new cars will ultimately affect the number of jobs for large car manufacturers.

According to SMMT, which publishes a monthly report on car sales in the UK, sales in Northern Ireland have so far declined by 43% this year.

Sales declined in almost all of the UK in all regions last month, with 97.19% in the UK and 98.7% in Wales.

SMMT said the decline was the steepest in modern times and had similar disruptions in the car market in Europe, with a decline of 88.8% in France and a decline of 97.5% in the Italian market.

In Britain, only 4,331 new vehicles were registered that month – about 156,743 fewer than in April last year.

SMMT indicated that all new cars sold were sent to key employees, electricity companies and companies.

Mike House, CEO of SMMT, added: “With UK showrooms closed for all of April, the worst performance in the living memory market is hardly surprising.

“However, these figures are still very dark reading, at least for the hundreds of thousands of people whose livelihoods depend on the sector.

“The strong new car market supports a healthy economy, and with the UK planning to recover, we need a leading car dealer.

“Safely restarting this very critical sector and reviving what would surely be blunt will be the key to opening production and accelerating the recovery of the British economy.”

5 travel planning ideas to consider while waiting for the coronavirus to disappear

If blocking the corona virus is a dream for future travel adventures, you can start planning your trip at any time. While it is difficult to estimate when travel restrictions will be lifted, there are a number of things you can do to follow it. It can only scratch the itch without leaving the sofa.

The FCO Council currently opposes all international travel except for large trips. But here are six travel plans that you can make while waiting for the corona virus to disappear.

  1. Check your travel voucher

For many of us, a coronavirus pandemic means they cancel their travel plans. While in some cases people can get a full refund, some travel companies actually issue coupons or credit. So, if you have a travel voucher, now is the time to check what you have.

This is a useful way to plan a trip to list all the travel vouchers you receive. In the list, write the following details for each voucher: company name, loan amount, original confirmation code, expiration date or reservation date, and customer service telephone number. With this information, you can book a trip if you lift your travel restrictions.

  1. Consider airline credit cards

If you want to travel after the corona virus is gone, you should look for an airline credit card. With airline credit cards, you can earn airline miles or points from your daily credit card fees. These points can then be used for your next flight.

It is likely that travel restrictions will not be completely lifted at least by the end of 2020, giving you enough time to build a healthy balance point. Don’t be tempted to spend. These cards are usually available with high April. You will only feel the real benefit of earning points if you believe that you do not have an outstanding balance.

  1. Creation of tourism funds

The corona virus cannot prevent us from planning or saving our journey. You can get money by setting up travel funds. And if a travel restriction is lifted, it could mean you can pay in full for your next trip.

You can create a separate savings account for your travel funds. Or consider a prepaid currency card. You can add to your card balance with cards like Revolut and Caxton FX. When it’s time to travel, you can use your card abroad without being charged.

  1. Check your passport

A valuable thing to plan for after the corona virus is gone is to check when to renew your passport.

In most countries, you must have at least six months in your passport to visit. Even though you might have traveled far this summer, your passport might expire when you can travel again.

While it might be sad to think that your passport won’t be used this year, just think of the benefits of all your traveling administrators. Then there is nothing to stop you when it is safe to travel again.

For me, planning is one of the best parts of the trip. I like to see travel guides and maps and think of the next trip I can take.

So if you are planning a trip to the corona virus, you might want to look at some old travel photos for inspiration. Or check out the large number of travel blogs available to get some ideas about where to go when a corona virus is triggered.

Instagram also offers some of the best tips. If you mean a particular area, hotel or resort; Follow the Instagram page and hashtag it. This will destroy the idea of ​​a rabbit trip that will help you get out of curfew.

An accelerated driver doubles during coronavirus blocking

The behavior seemed to be so bad that the police built a new street crime team whose drivers were stuck at speeds of up to 151 km / hour.

Traffic on the streets of the United Kingdom has declined since the corona virus blockade began on March 23. However, the number of people controlled has increased by 57%.
This number was registered in Greater Manchester in the week starting March 30 (the latest information for available statistics). And although national figures are not so bad, average speed violations are still 36%, although traffic is estimated to have dropped by almost 75% to levels observed only in 1955.
In fact, some drivers seem to take advantage of empty roads and break the speed limit with an astonishing amount. Police reported one case of a Tesla driver driving 134 miles per hour in a 40-mile zone and another car chasing 151 miles per hour on M1.

It is tragic that eight people died in a traffic accident in London after the blockade, and the city police formed a new street crime team to solve the problem.

The GEM Motoring Assist Accident and Traffic Safety Organization asks drivers to monitor their current speed. Neil Worth, his road safety officer, said: “Police chiefs across the country share examples of surprising behavior from drivers who seem to use calmer roads as opportunities to overcome speed limits.”
Random speed

However, according to Matthew Avery, director of Thatcham Research, not all accelerators deliberately violate the law. explained: “It’s much easier for drivers to underestimate their speed when the roads are empty and there are fewer cars to measure their own speed.
“Most drivers don’t try to exceed the speed limit, but might find that their speed is gradually creeping around the dial. It’s dangerous not only for drivers, but also for other road users – many of them are key workers who travel, to do key role. “”

The Road Safety Organization highlights the five-speed hazards that drivers must be aware of when driving during obstacles:

  1. High speed makes it easy to misjudge a road. When driving on normally loaded roads, you can underestimate the bends, parked cars or other vandal points.
  2. Reducing response time; Typical braking distances at speeds of 70 km / h can reach 96 meters. And vulnerable road users also have less time to listen and react when they cross the line.
  3. Wrong feeling of security; Calmer roads can put you in autopilot mode, where you don’t fully concentrate, which makes it difficult to act when something happens.
  4. Blocking accidents cause unnecessary strain on the police and NHIF.
  5. Even slightly exceeding the speed limit can be detrimental. If you hit a pedestrian at a speed of 40 km / h, you have a 10% chance of survival. However, if you hit a pedestrian at 30 km / hour, your chances of survival increase by 80%.

A fun and profitable trip for a travel agent

Maybe it’s a chance of a lifetime … what if it’s just the beginning?

The tourism industry began to boom in the 1960s due to the big four, game changes and global opportunities:
Cheap flights – many planes, low operating costs: cheaper duty-free fuel, low landing and handling costs
Cheap accommodation and services in warm, colorful resorts are largely due to massive infrastructure grants from the government and development banks
A market that definitely wants to experience something different
Early money!
This industry has managed to keep everything for a long time. But this specific option will expire for at least the next few years. What choice do we have now? The government can provide …
Benefits and tax subsidies for airlines, shipping companies, and survived accommodation?
Distribution to megatourism companies, including WTTC members?
Start a company interest loan?
Much bigger, low-interest loans from development banks like $ 2 billion in TUI from KfW and KLM / Air France $ 10 billion
All gypsum adhesive solutions that only work temporarily if a) money runs out and b) very large debts must be paid off.
Paradoxically, after this disaster, such as the 2007/08 financial disaster, “soft” problems will most likely fall to the bottom of the political food chain, such as:
Sustainable development
Climate change
Human rights
So all these time bombs are still waiting in the wings.
However, travel agents have huge and sustainable opportunities NOW – and the key to opening your opportunities is your speed to follow the market and identify and meet their needs IMMEDIATELY.
These needs are:
Real security
The crowd
Mega organization stuck in its tracks. You cannot move or change quickly. Sailing routes and flight schedules are established. The situation is similar to a large OTA – their focus is on expansion. They challenge real change. Not only costs.
So, if you are not attached to your wealth, your system, your MO or your market, change is a real opportunity. You can move quickly and independently to achieve your goals.
What are these options?
Because the general public will be on the lookout for crowded places, they might be disturbed by air travel and cruise ships for some time. This, and the need to make a profit, repay loans, deal with lower and confiscated employment, will drive up prices. So help them find different travel options!
Targets that were previously different and unknown are easier to market and there are thousands – you know they are not too crowded and you might know them better than other agents if you do your research. You can also impress your customers with your unique knowledge and offers! Remember – massive mass tourism in recent years has led to 99.9% of tourists to 0.01% of destinations – just thinking of opportunities.
Slow travel – It’s a fun and romantic part of a vacation. Do it again! And extend the length of stay. Train travel can also be romantic if you choose the right train. Also traveling by car. And stop on the way, why not? Arrange some special places to eat. Make it unique to your specific customer. Help them grow cold. Help them have a complete and safe fun.
Your relationship with your customers must be close before, during and after the trip. The days pass when you no longer ship average goods. Your own printouts must be clear on every part of the layout. Let us give everything for you – a fun and different journey. But you will not be without friends. There will be many unspecified goals that only want to take care of you. Many experienced operators who like your business have many executives who prefer very small numbers to large groups.

Plus a lot of initial funding with new ideas for new situations.

What is the future of business travel?

When we talk, there are many changes in this business.
There will be more change in the coming months and years (as we understand what life is like in a world full of new war wounds and new experiences).

But what – if anything – will change on a business trip?

International travel will continue
First, let’s clarify one thing: international travel will continue. Even though very few people are currently traveling between countries, there will be a time when the airport will be occupied again. This can take three months, six months or a year – not mentioned. But if we know one thing, the border will open at some point.

The queue for immigrants will be longer
If you think crossing the immigration border at an international airport has been slow beforehand, wait for the world to meet the stringent COVID-19 travel requirements.

“We have seen with countries in China, Singapore and South Korea, who have the feeling that they are about to start, that the biggest concern at the moment is a new infection from outside,” Avi Meir wrote to TravelPerk. “Korea orders that all people entering the US and Europe be isolated for two weeks, even if they are declared negative for COVID-19. People without permanent residences are sent directly to isolation stations.” “

Many countries can set stricter rules about who (and for what purpose) can travel in that country. It is more important to understand Visa programs and their importance to people depending on their country of origin and destination.

The sanitation process will change
We went from a world where people regularly went to the bathroom without washing their hands, to a world where the same people carried bottles of hand sanitizer around and rubbed it back for an hour.

This behavior is unlikely to return – at least not immediately. And when it comes to traveling, you can expect business, public transportation, and airports to continue to operate tighter sanitation facilities.

“Supermarkets and pharmacies, for example, put a clear plexiglass glass screen in front of the cash register to easily protect themselves from contact with germs from the air,” wrote Dustin Fidge of Homelike. “After the coronavirus pandemic is gone, things like this are impossible.”

It would be interesting to see what effect it has on other common illnesses – like seasonal flu. Will it cause lower morbidity? Only time will answer.

Virtual conferences become normal
Big business meetings have been the norm for half a century. There are thousands of them every year – including exhibitions, conferences, summits, etc. Over the coming months and years, you can expect many of these events to become virtual.

The virtual conference that was held using webinar technology has exploded. Not only is it cheaper (for hosts and participants), they also incorporate advanced technology that can expand learning. Don’t be surprised if many of the private conferences you have attended for years have never returned to their formats before COVID-19.

Transportation becomes more automatic
The use of automation in traffic will increase significantly. This includes air travel, public transportation (such as subway and subway) and even ridesharing.

In the coming months, transportation companies will have to develop over time. This means creating fewer physical “touch points” and introducing accessibility without as much contact as possible.

This will be a larger organization that manages costs, but smaller companies will take action as soon as economies of scale begin. This is a great opportunity for technological innovation.

Open a new normal
Eventually life will return to normal appearance. However, a normal tomorrow won’t be the same as yesterday. Because life has changed since the HIV / AIDS epidemic, September 11th and other crises, we will enter an entirely new area. Travel is only one area that will be affected. It is important for us to make ourselves easier and support each other as we move forward and strive to recover – physically, emotionally, and financially.