5 travel planning ideas to consider while waiting for the coronavirus to disappear

If blocking the corona virus is a dream for future travel adventures, you can start planning your trip at any time. While it is difficult to estimate when travel restrictions will be lifted, there are a number of things you can do to follow it. It can only scratch the itch without leaving the sofa.

The FCO Council currently opposes all international travel except for large trips. But here are six travel plans that you can make while waiting for the corona virus to disappear.

  1. Check your travel voucher

For many of us, a coronavirus pandemic means they cancel their travel plans. While in some cases people can get a full refund, some travel companies actually issue coupons or credit. So, if you have a travel voucher, now is the time to check what you have.

This is a useful way to plan a trip to list all the travel vouchers you receive. In the list, write the following details for each voucher: company name, loan amount, original confirmation code, expiration date or reservation date, and customer service telephone number. With this information, you can book a trip if you lift your travel restrictions.

  1. Consider airline credit cards

If you want to travel after the corona virus is gone, you should look for an airline credit card. With airline credit cards, you can earn airline miles or points from your daily credit card fees. These points can then be used for your next flight.

It is likely that travel restrictions will not be completely lifted at least by the end of 2020, giving you enough time to build a healthy balance point. Don’t be tempted to spend. These cards are usually available with high April. You will only feel the real benefit of earning points if you believe that you do not have an outstanding balance.

  1. Creation of tourism funds

The corona virus cannot prevent us from planning or saving our journey. You can get money by setting up travel funds. And if a travel restriction is lifted, it could mean you can pay in full for your next trip.

You can create a separate savings account for your travel funds. Or consider a prepaid currency card. You can add to your card balance with cards like Revolut and Caxton FX. When it’s time to travel, you can use your card abroad without being charged.

  1. Check your passport

A valuable thing to plan for after the corona virus is gone is to check when to renew your passport.

In most countries, you must have at least six months in your passport to visit. Even though you might have traveled far this summer, your passport might expire when you can travel again.

While it might be sad to think that your passport won’t be used this year, just think of the benefits of all your traveling administrators. Then there is nothing to stop you when it is safe to travel again.

For me, planning is one of the best parts of the trip. I like to see travel guides and maps and think of the next trip I can take.

So if you are planning a trip to the corona virus, you might want to look at some old travel photos for inspiration. Or check out the large number of travel blogs available to get some ideas about where to go when a corona virus is triggered.

Instagram also offers some of the best tips. If you mean a particular area, hotel or resort; Follow the Instagram page and hashtag it. This will destroy the idea of ​​a rabbit trip that will help you get out of curfew.

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