10 reasons why I’m finally optimistic about travel

If you’re stressed about canceling your travel plans because of the pandemic, imagine yourself working in the tourism industry.

The last 18 months have been rail for British travelers. In and out of blockades, travel corridors, overpriced PCR tests, traffic lights, travel laws for non-essential destinations, expensive and disappointing stays.

Do you remember when Gibraltar was the only place you could relax on the beach? When do people in Cornwall pay £500 a night for a caravan to enjoy the British Summer?

Do you remember when Boris Johnson canceled last year’s Christmas? That is my personal low.

I joined TPG in early 2019 to help launch a UK website. The first 12 months have been amazing as we discover more and more creative ways to deliver unique travel content and help you make the most of your trip. TPG has sent me all over the world, from Pakistan to Moldova to Kuwait and many trips across lakes to TPG headquarters.

Then in March 2020 everything broke and my life became very different.

During the pandemic, my job is to oversee travel news to help UK tourists navigate the complex maze of travel restrictions, entry requirements and quarantine requirements. I can tell you that most of the news in the last 18 months has been very negative and depressing. Another airline on the verge of collapse, another destination restricting entry, a new variant of the COVID-19 delta.