How To Prepare for your First Day Hike

Start hiking near and far for intrepid adventures everywhere you go!

Many people feel a sense of wanderlust and we’re seeing a growing trend of exploring through hiking. Whether you’re close to home or on an epic trekking trip, taking in the world through walks, mountain summits and coastal trails is enriching, inspiring and fulfilling. 

So, why is there growing popularity in hiking? A major appeal is that no matter where you are, you’re actually discovering new things from history and culture to nature and regional attractions. Hiking is affordable, generally accessible, and plays a big part in how we value the world around us. For anyone who’s still feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of ‘hiking’ and feeling turned off by the idea of hitting trails with a giant pack, it needn’t be the commitment of a through-trail hike straight away. In reality, hiking doesn’t have to be any more complicated than your habitual Saturday morning walk to get the paper. With the surge in nature tourism plus governments and charities looking to preserve public greenspaces and national parks, it’s actually easier to become a hiker than many of us think.

The most responsible way to start on the hiking path is light activity which is why if you’re already going for walks, you’re actually really well positioned to work up to longer hikes. As you intentionally undertake more extended and strenuous walks, you will build fitness while adapting to spending more time immersed in this kind of travel. Then, before you know it, it will be time for a full day hike. To help you plan for when your full day on the trails comes around, Gabor Shoes put together this infographic as a practical resource with key information. The graphic guide includes safety tips, recommendations for shoes and clothes, and the hiking gear you’ll need. Have a great time properly getting into hiking and here’s to seeing the world, near and far, on foot!