7 Essential Adventure Travel Accessories For Your Next Trip

In the modern age, traveling has become more about experiencing life and understanding cultures instead of spending time amid luxury. These days, travelers look to unwind by hiking extended trails, trekking a mountain, or even climbing a dormant volcano. It would be fair to say that gone are the days when people used to spend lavishly on their trips. But, when it comes to adventure travel, there are several accessories you need to keep handy as and when required.

You do not have to pimp your ride and spend large chunks of money on your car. Investing in meager and utility items is what’s the need of the hour. A few extras and car gadgets can result in better comfort and entertainment while on an adventure trip. Let’s take, for instance, you’re going to Alaska; what would you require? Since there’s no network around if you go a bit deeper into the wilderness, you might need a butane stove, hammock, roof rack for the car, and many last-ditch items like a swiss knife and power banks. This article will come across seven of the essential adventure travel accessories that you can carry on your next trip.
Roof Rack & Rooftop Tent

When it comes to adventure travel, a universal roof rack along with a rooftop tent is more than essential. Not only is it more comfortable and luxurious than a standard tent, but it also frees up your car’s trunk. Moreover, a robust roof rack provides more space for your luggage, providing more leg space in the vehicle. If you already have another individual on-board, shift the luggage on the rack and get a tent for 2+. Make sure that the tent’s fabric is breathable, strong, waterproof, and mold-resistant.

Remember when you used to see the unseen footage of accidents, crashes, burglary, and chase? Everything was recorded through dashcams. Installing such a camera can provide you with peace of mind when you are traveling on the road. Not only do these cams provide you with indisputable video evidence, but they also safeguard you from external factors. At times, if you meet an accident, the accused or opposed individuals might put false allegations against you. A dashcam can save you from these situations.

And, when it comes to the brighter side of installing dashcams, you can record your entire journey, edit it, and upload the video on the YouTube channel.

Hammocks have been quite famous in luxurious properties but have you ever thought of buying one for your adventure trip? All you have to do is, look for a couple of trees in a far-off national park or local state park to read and nap. Quality ones are tear-resistant, designed for camping, and can hold up to 500 pounds. Since the wild has too many things crawling on the ground, the hammock will keep you mid-air and away from insects and wild animals’ reach. Moreover, some hammocks have loops to connect your headlamp and attach water bottles.

A headtorch is not the first thing that comes to mind whenever we think about going out for adventure travel. Even though it is one of the underrated accessories you’d require on your side, a headtorch can make things so much easier for you. If you are putting up a tent at night or sorting things out in the car, a headtorch can free both your hands for good. Furthermore, guy a rechargeable one so that you don’t have to carry extra batteries.
Insulated Phone Case

On windy and cold days, your smartphone might turn off without giving any sort of warning, and on hot summer days, it might overheat. With an insulated phone case, the smartphone will be safe from intense temperature changes, float when hit with water, and survive the drops. Since quality insulated phone cases are made with materials used in an astronaut suit, add it to the priority list.
Reusable Coffee Flask

The status of coffee while on the road is immense. Even though you have other options to stay awake while driving or hiking, a cup of coffee can prove to be an ideal option. A reusable coffee flask allows you to sip on it now and then, keeping you away from discarding several disposable cups. So, be eco-friendly and get your reusable coffee flask for your next adventure travel.
First Aid Kit

Even if you are on an epic journey or just a quick weekend getaway, don’t forget to keep a first aid kit handy. This kit is an absolute must and should contain sterilizing wipes, band-aids, scissors, bandages, medication, and pain killers. Experts recommend that you buy a pre-packaged first aid kit that has everything you need on adventure travel.

The Bottom Line

Being on the road has its thrills and spills. If you forget about the latter, the entire plan can go upside down. As a result, it is essential to take note of all the accessories you might require for adventure travel. From a first aid kit, headtorch to rooftop tents, hammocks, you have a lot to think of. So, be responsible and prepare a list beforehand.

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