TRAVEL INSURANCE: What Policies Do You Cover for COVID-19?

Highway insurance has undergone several developments since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
Initially, when holidays and flights are canceled due to travel restrictions, travelers can switch to their policies in advance to cover costs. Then, as the number of lawsuits increased, insurance companies began to introduce clauses stating that they would not pay for cancellations related to Covid. Ultimately, almost everything has turned around: a number of providers have published guidelines covering the coronavirus in some form.
This is a welcome change for anxious travelers, but buyers should beware: not all travel insurance is created equal. Everything you need to know is here.

Medical fees versus cancellations and restrictions
Many insurance companies that say they cover the coronavirus actually means they are covering certain medical costs abroad, not canceling or limiting travel due to the pandemic. This means that if you catch Covid-19 while on vacation, all medical and additional costs, including repatriation and additional housing costs if you need to be quarantined, will be covered.
Other insurance companies can insure you if you need to cancel your trip because you caught the virus before you left or if you have been ordered to isolate yourself from the NHS testing and tracking team. Some companies will even insure you if the board of directors of the Federal Foreign Office (FCDO) changes while you are away, such as advising you now not to travel to your final destination unless absolutely necessary.

Here are some of the best coronavirus guidelines:

Nationwide is the only provider that currently covers policyholders if the FCDO changes its recommendations before you leave – for example, if you have to cancel your trip to Greece because it’s suddenly removed from the “low risk” list. It is also the only company that will protect you if the country you are traveling to imposes border restrictions due to the pandemic. However, this will change from 1 January 2021. Trips booked on or after this date can only be canceled if you are traveling to Covid-19 as a relative, colleague or companion.

Virgin Money has renewed travel insurance for new customers with the added coronavirus protection. New customers can now purchase policies that cover medical expenses, cancellations and restrictions due to a coronavirus diagnosis, and existing customers are automatically covered. Insurers benefit from medical costs if they require coronavirus treatment abroad, as well as additional housing costs (up to £ 2,000) if the treatment means customers need to extend their trip. Customers are also insured if they have to cancel their trip because they or a family member or destination of travel have been diagnosed with the coronavirus or have been instructed to personally isolate themselves from NHS services or health care professionals.
Travel bag insurance also provides protection, including vacation cancellation, if you or your partner receive a positive corona virus diagnosis from the NHS test within 14 days of travel. You are covered if your transport company refuses to board because of high temperatures or a positive test result. for medical expenses if exposed to the corona virus abroad; for accommodation costs as a result of staying longer if you or your partner is infected with Covid-19; and if the FCDO tip changes during your absence. However, cancellation fees will not be covered if the FCDO recommendation changes prior to your departure and you no longer wish to travel.

Allianz Assistance is one of the first to offer full coverage of the coronavirus. The guidelines now apply to trips that have been canceled because you or your partner have experienced symptoms or have been diagnosed with Covid-19. There is also coverage if you or your partner travels out of quarantine due to your personal circumstances, eg. B. when asked by NHS 111 (if you are unable to travel due to general quarantine in a region or country, this coverage does not apply). Medical expenses are also covered overseas (unless you are traveling against the advice of the FCDO), and you are also covered for repatriation or extended stay if you are less sick. You can cancel or shorten your trip if one of your close relatives (or your parents, children, brother or sister or grandparents) of your colleague or traveler becomes seriously ill with Covid-19.

Staysure has launched free coronavirus coverage to new policyholders. Includes travel cancellation insurance if you, your colleagues, travelers, people living with you or with whom you are on vacation are diagnosed with Covid-19 within 14 days of travel. emergency medical expenses abroad; Return; Cancellation and return protection if you are rejected goes up because of a positive Covid-19 test; unused and pre-booked trips to the limit of your coverage; additional accommodation and transportation if deemed necessary by medical staff; Overnight allowance if you are directed to isolate yourself in your vacation home because you have Covid-19; and the cancellation or interruption of your trip immediately following the death of the Covid-19 family.

Trailfinders claims that it offers “the most comprehensive guidance available for Covid-19”. This applies to pre-departure cancellations if you or a close relative has tested positive for Covid, if asked to isolate yourself from the official NHS testing and tracking application, or if a family member is on vacation, the virus was specifically visited. The cost of treating corona virus abroad, as well as extending accommodation if necessary, will be covered since you are quarantined while on vacation. If you have to cancel a previously booked trip because you have been asked to self-isolate, this is also covered. However, you will not be covered if your territory or even the whole of Great Britain is blocked before traveling.

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