The Covid-19 vaccine can monitor travel recovery for six months

Once the Covid-19 vaccine is widespread, international travel can resume in six months, but business travel will continue to be suppressed, said Mohit Lal, chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail.

Like many companies, Pernod Ricard has had a challenging year in global retail (GTR) due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The company’s annual results released in September showed a double-digit decline for the station.

In an interview with The Spirits Business last week, Lal said that while he cannot predict when alcohol sales will resume at the GTR, he believes a widely available vaccine will restore consumer confidence in travel and returns. announcers will see soon.

“If simple drugs are offered everywhere tomorrow that prevent Covid from being more than the flu, travel will return in six months,” said Lal.

“If there is a vaccine tomorrow that immunizes a large population with a single signal injection for 10 years, there will be about six months between the time the vaccine is generally available and the resumption of international travel.”

“But I don’t know when this trigger will occur. So instead of worrying about when it will happen, are we ready, if this happens in the next six months, are we ready? And when we’re done in six months, are we ready? What do we need to do to prepare for it to happen in three months? This is our main concern. “”

Business travel remains suppressed

Pernod Ricard GTR remains agile in the face of the pandemic, said Lal, noting that business travel is likely to recover more slowly than holiday travel.

“Business travel is not going to return to its original state, as companies have learned to continue working efficiently and effectively without having to physically travel to different locations,” said Lal.

“And that applies to my own tourism dealer team. Many of us haven’t flown in months, but the fact is we’re still working effectively as an organization. When things get normal, I don’t see much business travel.” quickly returned to the exact same level.

“He will remain depressed to some extent, maybe 70-80% of him, but I think all other forms of travel will return to normal very quickly.”

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