The new airlift mode and traffic light send holiday searches

Price comparison sites have the busiest weekend search because the UK is blocked by the corona virus in March and price comparisons for holidays multiply.

This is the first real green shoot recovery, and the booking gives the travel industry a glimmer of hope for a vacation, “said the company, which had” clicked “50% more on bookings than last weekend.

“However, the making of this film clearly comes far slower than usual for summer travel. The hope is that this booking will allow the industry to save something from summer and gain strength.”

Until Friday, the main search is for public holidays later this year or next year. However, Friday’s announcement was added to the summer of 2020 because most people were looking for summer vacation. Spain, Italy, Barbados, Croatia, France and Greece.

Searches for Spanish travel have doubled over the past week, accounting for 38% of all weekend searches – the largest share of all travel destinations. Popular searches include the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca.

Greece saw a 216% surge in demand from Crete, Corfu, Rhodes and Santorini. Italy 170%; France 167%; Croatia 348%; and Barbados 476% – along with Spain, all of these goals are likely to be included in the government’s “green light” list.

The top five countries for weekend vacation packages are Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Portugal. Portugal remains in the top 5 despite a 46% decline in demand. This may be due to questions about the color of the traffic lights caused by the surge in corona virus infections in the capital cities of Lisbon and the Algarve.

However, it is likely that the country will remain a popular choice because the price of vacation packages has dropped by around a third since the blockade began.

Given the further details of the country’s traffic light system on Wednesday (July 1), demand is expected to grow more because there is more clarity about where the UK can travel without restrictions.

“I think people will still be confused about countries where they can rest without quarantine. At present, people are booking vacations in countries that have confirmed that quarantine is not needed.”

Another important Google approach is that it is currently cheaper to go abroad than at home. Calming will be as important as price in terms of repurchasing; and countries that improve and communicate their primary health and safety measures are more likely to attract tourists.

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