The car defeated all other forms of travel in terms of social distance options

I rarely send letters . But last week I felt compelled to write to some high-ranking and influential people I knew in the corridor of power. Why Because during this sad health crisis, they have a partial answer to the social distance dilemma they face. The problem is they don’t know. Or at least they didn’t do it until I gave them a line.

The day I wrote the letter began when I received an invitation to speak on national radio about the difficulties of social distance in removing blockages, and when, for example, residents continued their journey to work and school.

Let’s start with trains, buses, buses, bicycles, sidewalks, and planes. And in return the train station, bus stop, bus stop, bicycle storage room and sails, recreation areas for pedestrians and airports. Damn it Dirty place. As I told the radio host and a few hours later my “friend” at Westminster, in such a fashion and place, the public might never be two meters away; We joke when we think differently. The same thing applies to employees on public transport that are often faced with passengers.

During the show, I explained that the best, safest, and most suitable place for someone to keep socializing while traveling for health, shopping, working, or other reasons is in a motorized car that is locked with a closed car. Window. The host looked surprised. But he suggested: “You can be there for something.”