Luxury watches are an unused source of liquidity that provides instant cash

Historically high unemployment and declining business activity have pushed people to look for new sources of liquidity in the coming months to avoid economic uncertainty. An increasingly popular strategy is to use capital owned by many people in one or more luxury watches that they have through guaranteed loans. Indeed, luxury watches are the most common form of guarantee for loan guarantees through Borro, a leading provider of secured loans supported by luxury goods.

What is a collateral loan? Secured loans are a reliable, fast and easy way to access cash without checking credit, credit ratings, or financial information. Instead, people can get loans with luxury items such as pre-existing luxury watches or other items such as luxury and vintage cars, jewelry and diamonds, gold and precious metals, designer bags and accessories as well as first-rate guarantees from auction houses luxury real estate and even sports are guaranteed. and maintenance contract. Many do not know that owning these assets offers the most flexible, convenient and immediate financing options in times of unexpected and urgent monetary needs. Borro is a leading national collateral provider, offering loans of $ 450 million to more than 15,000 investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others.

Is it a luxury watch or a collective loan? Luxury watch owners, collectors and retailers can get standard or loan loans ranging from $ 2,500 to more than $ 5,000,000 from Borro. With Borro, customers can enjoy the true value of their luxury watches without having to wait, and most importantly, without having to sell. Borro’s internal specialist has more than 80 years of experience in luxury goods. They are experts in this field with deep connections to auction houses and a network of appraisers, dealers and strong dealers who give people the assurance that they can entrust their luxury watches to Borro.

Who can get loans for their luxury watches? Borro has made this financing option available to anyone who only has a luxury watch or those who have a watch collection. Capital can be used with cash within 48 hours for personal or business reasons.

What are the criteria for a security loan for a luxury watch? Borro’s loan offer is based on the secondary value of a luxury watch. Values ​​are determined based on brand and model, condition, rarity, age and origin. In addition, Borro deals with market feedback and surveys among producers, auction house files and third-party data collectors. As part of Boro’s efforts, they also reviewed the list of items lost and stolen.

Brands accepted as security include Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, A. Lange and Söhne, Hublot, Richard Mille, Cartier, Omega, Piaget, and others.

Who is boro? Borro, the Luxury Asset Capital brand, is a leader in confidential credit where borrower’s luxury goods function as collateral. We are a contemporary alternative to traditional loans, which are often too slow, invasive and stressful, or in some cases unavailable. We utilize equity for a variety of luxury goods with high value and low liquidity, and make transactions from thousands to millions of dollars in just one business day.

We were created to provide capital to individuals at critical times because we can count on us to act quickly and confidentially to meet financial deadlines for individuals and businesses. We are lenders to more than 15,000 customers and have provided more than $ 450 million in loans since our inception more than a decade ago. Borro’s level of transparency, convenience and services, which sets industry standards, makes Borro a leader in reliable alternative credit solutions.