All passengers at LAX must now wear face masks

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) announced new steps this week to ensure passenger safety, including the latest rules that all passengers entering the LAX terminal must wear masks.
“On Monday, May 11, everyone at the LAX terminal had to wear a face mask,” said a statement by airport officials. “This policy is in line with health agency guidelines and reflects the City of Los Angeles guidelines on the use of face coatings in shops and restaurants.”
Officials found that this new requirement is an extension of the existing airport policy, which requires that all employees at the world airport in Los Angeles (LAWA) wear face coverings in public areas of terminals and office buildings. “Anyone who has no face is asked to wear it,” the statement said.

The official suggested that all guests should bring facewear during their “trip to the airport”. According to officials who noted city and district officials, this could have a different meaning that the face covering could mean “woven face covers, scarves, or bandanas”. Face coverings can be made from t-shirts, towels, or other material that is held by rubber bands or other fasteners. “”
Travelers must be reminded that Federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) staff “can ask guests to repair or remove face shields during the security check process.”
In addition to masks, staff and TSA recommend that passengers wash their hands before or after security checks or use hand disinfectants to stop the spread of the corona virus.
“Many airlines have introduced or will implement policies that require aircraft coverage,” officials said, citing airlines such as Delta, JetBlue, and United’s new rules that require passengers to cover their faces while flying. “Similar to airline rules, LAX guests can take off their masks for a short time to consume food or drinks, but they must wear their masks when they finish eating.” Do you need help finding some masks to add to your clothes? Look at these brands that now make masks for everyone.