before you grab that bargain travel deal

The airlines offer high discounts to attract potential passengers, but buyers need to do their homework before planning their vacation for the corona virus.
Is it time to plan when the world will open to travel again?
Covid-19’s global pandemic has effectively hibernated the aviation industry, with travel restrictions and quarantine requirements throughout the world.

In pursuit of crucial cash flows, airlines offer many tempting offers for those who want to book in advance.
Here’s what you need to know
How low is the price?
For the rest of 2020, flight demand is unpredictable. When, where and how travel restrictions were lifted when short notice was received. But for those who like to plan a little further into the future, there are already very low prices for long-haul flights.
Dollar Flight Club, a low-cost airline signaling service, estimates that airline tickets in 2021 will be 35% lower than in 2019.
The report covers international and domestic flights and suggests continuing travel on May 31.
The Dollar Flight Club found that fares for flights from 2020 and 2021 were reduced by 65% ​​compared to pre-Covid-19 prices.
Do you need to buy cheap plane tickets now?
Despite all the uncertainties, travel is “a great thing to look forward to and a focus on planning,” said John Thorne, director of customer satisfaction at Skyscanner, an online booking company.
It is a personal decision whether you have the right time to think about traveling now.
However, there are two airline guidelines that you need to know when deciding to order. First, check the airline cancellation policy and offers at such events (full cash refund or “travel voucher” valid for a certain period of time). and second, the most important thing is politics, what happens if you choose not to travel.
What is “flexible ticket”?
Flexible tickets are what airlines expect today.
You can usually cancel or change your data for free.

For example, Cathay Pacific offers unlimited flight changes for one year at no additional charge for existing tickets and any new tickets purchased until June 30.
However, this is relatively generous compared to the broader industry.
Tom Hughes on the online rental platform Clickstay said, “If the flight you book doesn’t work, you can often re-order, get vouchers, or in some cases get a refund, but that depends on the airline to the airline.” “
If your flight is not canceled, you can still get a refund, but you may have to pay a refund.
Singapore Airlines also only offers flight credit, no refunds. In this case, consider whether you are satisfied with a voucher for the same airline.
What precautions should I take when ordering?
Skyscanner has added an option on its website to only show airlines with flexible tickets. Thorne still advises being careful.
“Landscaping changes every day when airlines respond to changing circumstances, so it’s good to review the guidelines at the time of booking,” he said.
Thorne also said that you need to take out travel insurance and check cover before ordering. Cancellations are possible in the future. Therefore, it is important to inform yourself about airline guidelines.
What about subsidized tourism?
If tourists don’t come, why not pay to bring it? An Italian tourism agency called Visit Sicily has launched a program that pays 50% of the fare and a third of the hotel bill for tourists visiting the island.
Should travelers rely on such sweeteners?

“I think this is a broken marketing step because the government’s policy of canceling all incentives offered by regional travel agents or trade groups, and that makes the problem of changing reservations and getting refunds even more confusing,” he said. Hughes.
“Imagine, for example, Phuket offers to pay half of my flight to lure me and my family there. How will the police do it? With the national flag or with the airlines? How can I prove how much I spent my flight? What if the government changes policy on arrival? How do I get a refund? What if I want to postpone my flight for next year? “”
He believes that a better way to lure tourists to destinations is by giving them, for example, $ 200 for vouchers they can use for hotels, restaurants and attractions.
Do I have to book a trip or wait?
It is possible to watch the era of very cheap flights to come, but they won’t be too comfortable. All this can be disadvantaged because the Dollar Flight Club expects the number of flights to decrease.
“We can expect lower ticket prices in the short term,” the report said, “and in the long run, if demand for cheap travel recovers, airplane ticket prices will rise significantly above the level.” 2019. “