A fun and profitable trip for a travel agent

Maybe it’s a chance of a lifetime … what if it’s just the beginning?

The tourism industry began to boom in the 1960s due to the big four, game changes and global opportunities:
Cheap flights – many planes, low operating costs: cheaper duty-free fuel, low landing and handling costs
Cheap accommodation and services in warm, colorful resorts are largely due to massive infrastructure grants from the government and development banks
A market that definitely wants to experience something different
Early money!
This industry has managed to keep everything for a long time. But this specific option will expire for at least the next few years. What choice do we have now? The government can provide …
Benefits and tax subsidies for airlines, shipping companies, and survived accommodation?
Distribution to megatourism companies, including WTTC members?
Start a company interest loan?
Much bigger, low-interest loans from development banks like $ 2 billion in TUI from KfW and KLM / Air France $ 10 billion
All gypsum adhesive solutions that only work temporarily if a) money runs out and b) very large debts must be paid off.
Paradoxically, after this disaster, such as the 2007/08 financial disaster, “soft” problems will most likely fall to the bottom of the political food chain, such as:
Sustainable development
Climate change
Human rights
So all these time bombs are still waiting in the wings.
However, travel agents have huge and sustainable opportunities NOW – and the key to opening your opportunities is your speed to follow the market and identify and meet their needs IMMEDIATELY.
These needs are:
Real security
The crowd
Mega organization stuck in its tracks. You cannot move or change quickly. Sailing routes and flight schedules are established. The situation is similar to a large OTA – their focus is on expansion. They challenge real change. Not only costs.
So, if you are not attached to your wealth, your system, your MO or your market, change is a real opportunity. You can move quickly and independently to achieve your goals.
What are these options?
Because the general public will be on the lookout for crowded places, they might be disturbed by air travel and cruise ships for some time. This, and the need to make a profit, repay loans, deal with lower and confiscated employment, will drive up prices. So help them find different travel options!
Targets that were previously different and unknown are easier to market and there are thousands – you know they are not too crowded and you might know them better than other agents if you do your research. You can also impress your customers with your unique knowledge and offers! Remember – massive mass tourism in recent years has led to 99.9% of tourists to 0.01% of destinations – just thinking of opportunities.
Slow travel – It’s a fun and romantic part of a vacation. Do it again! And extend the length of stay. Train travel can also be romantic if you choose the right train. Also traveling by car. And stop on the way, why not? Arrange some special places to eat. Make it unique to your specific customer. Help them grow cold. Help them have a complete and safe fun.
Your relationship with your customers must be close before, during and after the trip. The days pass when you no longer ship average goods. Your own printouts must be clear on every part of the layout. Let us give everything for you – a fun and different journey. But you will not be without friends. There will be many unspecified goals that only want to take care of you. Many experienced operators who like your business have many executives who prefer very small numbers to large groups.

Plus a lot of initial funding with new ideas for new situations.

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