Airbus warned that they were bleeding due to a plane crash

Airbus has announced that it is “bleeding” due to falling air travel demand due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter to employees, managing director Guillaume Fowry warned: “We are bleeding at an unprecedented pace with money, which could jeopardize the existence of our company.”

Fari added that Airbus must act “urgently” to survive.

The company employs 13,500 people in the UK and Airbus will publish first-quarter financial results on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Wizz Air will continue flights during the coronavirus blockade and will start flights from Luton Airport this Friday, contrary to government recommendations.

A low-cost airline that will resume several European flights at Luton Airport on Friday. However, flights from easyJet and British Airways are guaranteed until further notice.

The Foreign and Community Service (FCO) announced on April 6 “unlimited” all non-essential trips to a country in the world.

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