EASYJET VACATION continues to work on plans for partnerships with retailers

EasyJet Holidays reiterates to TTG that trade continues to be planned after the end of the coronavirus crisis.

The airline resumed tourism operations at the end of last year and plans to start trading earlier this year.

CEO Gary Wilson told TTG at the 2019 Abta Travel Convention that the company plans to hold a series of “trading days” to determine how operators can work effectively with agents.

Earlier this month, easyJet Holidays launched the winter programs 2020/21 and summer 2021, which served as “the inspiration of the future for holidays” and offered more flexibility for travel and departure bookings in October 2021.

In recent weeks, EasyJet has also launched its own programs for the winter 2020/21 and Easter 2021 to stimulate future bookings, with Covid-19 greatly affecting summer bookings and the airline’s ability to work.

The airline recently received a £ 600 million commercial loan from a government company financial facility, stressing that it has sufficient cash reserves to maintain at least nine months of priming

A spokeswoman for EasyJet Holidays told TTG on Friday (April 24): “We are still working on our plans to work with retailers and it’s wonderful to see their continued support and interest.

“Together with other industries, we have launched a number of activities prioritizing customer management for existing orders.

“We hope to develop our easyJet vacation plans as soon as possible.”

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