When can I go on vacation after blocking the corona virus?

The coronavirus crisis has caused people all over the world to cancel their holidays.

Because Britain is closed and the public is advised to stay at home, summer vacation also seems dubious.

But when can we go on vacation or travel abroad again? And what do the travel experts say?

When should we book a vacation?

The government now calls on people to avoid all unnecessary trips indefinitely, and no date is set when the trip can begin again.

Experts and tour operators cannot say when the trip will begin again, especially because the situation with the corona virus is changing rapidly.

The Transport Shaps secretary said recently that he would “not book summer holidays at this time.”

Travel abroad for the summer may not be indisputable.

The newspaper reported that although flights for April and May have all been canceled, with the exception of returning flights, airlines expect to resume their normal flights before the peak season in July and August

Both Jet2 and Ryanair hope to resume flights in June because easyJet will start vacationing at the end of 2020.

Experts say travel could be an option in the next three months, although this might only happen on British public holidays.

Aito spokeswoman for the Independent Tour Operations Association told Express: “If luck is on our side, we have to see things calm in front of the virus for three months.”

“It is very likely that the first traveler to the UK will explore their own country again in the early summer.”

The situation may be different in other countries and destinations in Europe are also blocked.

Meanwhile, Mark Hall, product director at TUI UK, told Sun Online Travel that overseas travel is likely to occur much later.

He said: “Although it is difficult to predict, we believe that short breaks in the fall and winter can prove more popular than ever because people still want their annual vacation.

“We can see bookies later when people carefully search for the best deals and known destinations.

“Favorite destinations for families like Florida, Continental Spain, and Canaries are still number one in the search destinations, and we can see the search for a Caribbean winter sun holiday in late 2020 and 2021.”

You can also order a vacation package because it is protected by ATOL. This means that you are insured if the break is not followed by a refund or credit.

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