The absence of internal travel restrictions can pose the greatest risk of progress

Economic reconstruction – there was an InfoWars protest yesterday in my hometown in Austin – reminded Tyler Cowen that “America is a democracy and the average voter will not die of the corona virus.” We will soon open the economy, whether it is too early or not. This is not just a decision that will be taken by politics, but something that voters will ask for.

Here in Texas, “unimportant” retail stores can reopen on Friday, the 24th, depending on the house – there are no customers in the store, who order by phone or online, and your goods are sent to your car. Our peak virus is not expected for a few more weeks.

The plan to reopen the Trump administration is very similar to the proposal made by Scott Gottlieb and others since late March. This is far more nuanced than is generally reported. However, there are risks, especially for the second wave of the virus after it has been controlled in some countries. Singapore’s second wave came from people entering their city.

Last month we saw Texas passengers arriving by plane from various states and cities (not just New York!) Imposing quarantine requirements and deploying troops on the Louisiana land border to people arriving by car in the state to quarantine from the nearest hot spot. New Hampshire police are chasing New Yorkers who may have entered and were quarantined. Florida is trying to quarantine people from the New York area, but the virus has been sown.

However, restrictions on domestic travel are very simple. This means that people can leave the hot spots and carry the virus to the recovery area. This means that people can leave the restored area, pick up the virus and bring it home.

Some Australian states impose borders and prohibit domestic travel from other states. There are exceptions, and if you qualify for Queensland, for example, you can apply for a passport. Despite being late, Australia has done an extraordinary job to deal with the virus. If the spread is affected by temperature, they may face challenges.

Travel restrictions are very limited uses where they are needed when the virus has spread somewhere. The restrictions on US travel from China and Europe came after they were too late to play a role. However, they did not enter. This can be one of the great risks we face when different regions of the country have difficulty coping with the spread of the new corona virus at different times. And, of course, airlines must continue to fly to almost every location they serve before the outbreak to receive federal CARES subsidies.

Canada needs a travel mask. This action was not even enforced in the United States at that time. I think there are many more that most of us here in the United States have not thought about.

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