Be epic: British air sends upbeat news to the UK as it moves

“We miss you too,” Louise Naismith, a senior member of BA’s cabin crew, said in a video message to the country published by The Airline on The Independent.

He is one of dozens of British Airways employees featured in the one-minute film. Engineers, operators, central staff and pilots filmed on airplanes, hangars, airport aprons or at home.

Video message titled “Dear Britain” accompanied by Delibes’ Flowers Duet, BA music has been used for three decades.

In the film, Ms. Naismith said that the airline “takes you home with your family and friends.”

British Airways continues to offer flights on domestic, European and intercontinental routes, even though the framework service to and from the main base at London Heathrow has been interrupted.

BA has temporarily suspended operations at Gatwick and London City Airport is fully closed until May.

The airline’s chairman and CEO, Alex Kroes, was shot and killed at the BA headquarters in Waterside, near Heathrow.

He said, “Like you, our colleagues do everything to support the NHS.”

On Thursday Mr Cruz wrote to passengers saying, “Unfortunately we now know that this is not the time to travel.

“We don’t know when that will happen, but we know it will be epic if our plane is allowed to take off again.

“Families will reunite, industrial wheels will turn again, and if they do, we will be ready to fly and serve.”

BA only has 18 departures on Friday. Internal services are provided to and from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester with two tours to Belfast City.

The European route network includes Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Budapest, Gibraltar and Nice.

Five of the six long-haul flights to destinations in the United States: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York JFK, and Washington. The only other intercontinental service is located in the South Korean capital of Seoul.

Connections make up about 5 percent of the normal service level.

The airline was recently criticized for removing the facility so that passengers can request flight cancellations online. Customers receive “vouchers for future travel”, and anyone who insists on making cash calls should contact the airline.