corona virus will change the future of the journey

In just a few weeks, the coronavirus pandemic turned the world upside down. What once seemed a far-reaching threat now is a global struggle where we are all at the forefront. Everyone’s life is affected, but the one branch that is most severely affected is the tourism branch.

The outbreak has resulted in significant losses in the industry: airlines around the world have reduced their flight schedules because passenger traffic has dried up, cruises have gone out of service over the coming months, all hotels must be closed and thousands of workers have been laid off.

TPG has built a community based on shared bonds – love traveling and watching the world. Unfortunately, the current trip is interrupted, and this is something we can grieve together among many other bad things that are happening now.

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We are sure that the corona virus will definitely change the future of the journey. And even though we still can’t see it, there will be some positive aspects. In the future, I hope that this global crisis will unite the world.

Here are some ways to bet on things: The future of travel will change once the corona virus is safe behind us.

Cleanliness and cleanliness get the attention they deserve

If there is a lesson that everyone must learn from it, it must understand the importance of personal hygiene and public hygiene.

We are sure you will do it unless you have been a normal hand wash before. And this germaphobia who regularly removes their seats on the plane? However, they will not look crazy. From now on, this is Naomi Campbell’s style (minus the Hazmat suit).

In addition to personal precautions, we also hope the tourism industry considers this. This means more regular and thorough cleaning of aircraft and hotel rooms, and maybe even some new health guidelines for high-level liaison officers such as flight attendants and TSA flight personnel. And what is really great if cleaning up the public transportation system becomes the norm. However, this doesn’t seem like a really silly question.

Outdoor adventure will be very popular

It landed by Schwabacher last week. The sunrise is pretty good and I have room for myself. I went through the swamp to catch these wildflowers and caught the reflection of the summit of the Grand and Teevino in the Snake River Basin.

After all this time at home, tourists will want fresh air and more. I’m sure the national parks and campsites will see an increase in visitors after this is finished. And for those who don’t camp, I can see the popularity of glamping again. In fact, even Marriott has entered the language market. This allows me to see travelers investing in recreational activities that are more like rafting to stay busy while traveling to more distant destinations.

The trip will make more sense

It’s only been a few weeks, but it will take time before the trip returns to normal. This makes many people feel strange and often gives travelers time to think about what they are doing and not miss it.

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Maybe business travelers concentrate on doing more family trips. Maybe the state switch will decide it’s time to return. Maybe a solo traveler decides that he wants to start sharing experiences with loved ones. The rest of this trip will only make us appreciate it more if we go out on the road and go to the sky.

Land travel is becoming increasingly popular

I know that AvGeeks may not agree with this, but I feel that more of us will travel while we all wait for the airlines to depart. In addition, travelers – especially those who have health problems – may hesitate to fly from the start because they are afraid of the social interactions that accompany them, from security to gates to sitting against strangers in small metal tubes and immediately