The NAT Group offers free travel to NHS employees and applies a cashless system

NHS employees can travel free of charge for all NAT Group services in South Wales. This step will take effect on Wednesday 24 March. Skilled workers must only show the driver, their NHS photo staff. The Welsh bus operator, NAT Group has also introduced a strict no-cash policy that requires passengers to pay for travel costs using their mobile applications, contactless bank cards, or using tickets or passes that have been previously purchased.

Managing Director Adam Keane said: “Our priority is to protect our drivers and passengers and limit the spread of COVID-19 while supporting our heroic NHS staff who do extraordinary front-line work in unimaginable circumstances. By implementing a cashless system we can reduce risk contact with viruses, which can spread to coins and banknotes. We told our passengers about this change and hope they understand the reason. “”

Earlier this week, after the next government outbreak and advice, the NAT group announced a revised schedule to avoid unnecessary travel. Services, including 905, X1 and X8, were affected by 10A, which was temporarily canceled.

Plan your dream vacation and save the travel industry from the corona virus

Now is the time to think ahead and protect large and small tourism companies

More free time than toilet rolls? You are not alone. If we face the limited reality, we just stay home because of the coronavirus released by the government last night, the mind can move to a less positive place.

But there is a solution – and this is useful for your mental well-being and the tourism industry. Plan your next adventure. It might sound silly how about the uncertainty when blockchain and financial stability will end, but think about it: it gives you something to look forward to, it is a disruption from blockages and helps to support the tourism industry.

If you already have a vacation plan for this year, you can also protect the travel industry by moving your trip to a future date instead of canceling it.


So please move. If you are worried that the pandemic will not end when you plan to travel, receive a voucher instead of a refund.

Daisy Bird, founder of the luxury travel agency BIRD, said the industry suffered greatly from current travel restrictions, forced hotel closures and mass cancellations mentioned above. This is developing: “10 percent of the world’s population who work in the hotel industry – dedicated local owners, employees and suppliers who even make the excitement of exploring the world an opportunity – has lost their income.”

So let’s skip over the summer and start planning the latter part of the year and beyond. “We recommend Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Ecuador to list your targets for 2020,” Daisy said. “Or if you are looking for a place that is closer to your home, Surrey Hills offers a fabulous retreat and only a stone’s throw from London.”

One can say with certainty that we never miss the outside world.

Many airline flights are almost empty because the virus journey continues

United States Airlines attempted to crash, with the plane almost empty and a coronavirus outbreak causing several air traffic control towers empty.

Even with very reduced flight schedules, the airline consolidates several other flights because passengers are not displayed.

A staff member from one of the major US airlines, who requested that they and their airlines not be identified, cancel more than a dozen flights with less than 10 passengers on Tuesday. In some cases, the number of pilots and flight attendants is lower.

“There are no passengers,” the official said, noting that the average flight was only more than 20% and that number was expected to fall to youth at the weekend.

On Monday, the Transportation Security Administration announced that it had inspected 331,000 people at the airport checkpoint. This is an 86% decrease from the same Monday last year when officials controlled more than 2.4 million people.

Large airlines plan if they need to close domestic flights due to lack of flight managers or airport controls.

“We have a plan in case this happens,” said an airline official. “This is a difficult situation.”

Other employees at other large transport companies call it “adequate emergency planning,” with health experts suggesting no more than 10 people.

“We have no plans to land voluntarily, (but) be careful of government measures … which can force us to land airlines,” such as the Federal Aviation Administration, which closes control towers or airspace, or orders airports to stop Silence, says people who, like others, speak on condition of anonymity to discuss plans that haven’t been published yet.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that government agents are considering booking a stop on almost all passenger flights in the United States. The newspaper said President Donald Trump and his advisers were reluctant to order part of the closure because passenger planes also carried US letters and important items.

The FAA, which offers national air traffic control, declined to comment whether the agency was considering an order to close it. “We do not comment on speculation,” FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said. “FAA focuses on the health and safety of its workforce and continues to offer a safe air transportation system.”

The towers at Midway International Airport in Chicago and McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas remain closed on Tuesday, almost a week after closing, because some employees tested positive for the new corona virus. FAA employees at eight other facilities have also tested positive.

Officials have repeatedly refused to rule out the possibility of stopping the journey of domestic flights, saying that such obstacles are not imminent. President Donald Trump said on Monday that he was not considering new travel restrictions.

“They think we have a ban in the United States. We don’t do it,” he told a White House meeting. “We won’t have it. I hope he takes care of himself.”

The airlines and their unions have asked for Washington’s help. Republican proposals from the Senate provided $ 50 billion in loans and an additional $ 8 billion for transport companies. However, airlines say they need cash support to avoid layoffs in an industry that employs around 750,000 people.

Democratic House offers $ 40 billion in grants to airlines and contractors to help maintain workers’ wages and benefits. Democrats will add provisions, including asking airlines to cut their carbon footprint in half by 2050 and include union representatives on their councils. Leading Republicans from home immediately understate the proposal.

US airlines have cut most of their international flights and announced plans to cut US services by 40% in April. This drastic and scheduled service outage looks optimistic with no hope given that several people continue to fly.

According to FlightAware tracking service, more than 8,300 US flights were canceled on Tuesday. In some cases, airlines consolidate flights to avoid empty flights.

United Airlines canceled 51% of its flights, American Airlines lost 46% of its flight schedules, and Delta refused 39%, according to FlightAware. Southwest canceled 15%.

Recently, on March 8, TSA showed more than 2 million passengers, but the number continued to decline.

TSA said 24 screens and six employees at 14 US airports had tested positive for the new corona virus in the past two weeks. Recent confirmed cases have affected Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Detroit County, Detroit Wayne County, Indianapolis International Airport and Las Vegas McCarran Airport.

According to an industry group, a new virus and global recession will cause more financial damage to the airline than previously thought.

The International Air Transportation Association announced Tuesday that passenger revenue worldwide could drop to $ 252 billion, or 44%, due to a decrease in trips compared to the previous year. This is based on strict travel restrictions of up to three months, followed by slow economic recovery.

Less than three weeks ago, the group estimated the virus could cut airline revenue by $ 113 billion compared to 2019 before a new round of travel restrictions stopped most international air travel.

Delta Air Lines is the largest and most profitable airline in the world. On Tuesday, Standard & Poor’s downgraded Delta’s credit rating to speculation or junk status.

Do not recommend traveling in the UK

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech on Monday 23 September, public transport in the UK should only be used for longer trips with several transportation networks, which was confirmed in a statement. It has now also been confirmed that service reductions will operate on Nottingham Express Transit – leaving only the West Midlands cylinder which has not reduced its service.

Schedule for Sundays has been running on Nottingham Express Transit seven days a week since service starts on Tuesday March 24th. It sees trams every 15 minutes between 6 am and 7 am, every 10 minutes between 7 am and 1900 and then every 15 minutes until 11 pm. It was also confirmed that the planned tariff changes on March 29 would no longer occur as of now. The tariff structure will remain until further notice.

One of the many areas where people are asked to use public transportation only for basic destinations is West Midlands with Transport for West Midlands, which issues new travel guidelines. They urge people not to travel unless necessary and travel to maintain social distance whenever possible. Simple travel is considered childbirth, support for parents or vulnerable, traveling to school or work if your role is very important. Other trips should not be considered.

Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands, said: “Our advice to travelers cannot be easier: don’t travel by public transport unless absolutely necessary. Buses and trains run at a lower frequency. For those who use public transportation Transportation facilities are needed – as key workers who help maintain our vital NHS and emergency services – but we don’t want people to travel and risk spreading viruses.Naturally this is a very difficult time for all of us, but through that Reducing unnecessary travel can reduce risk for those who have to travel and slow the spread of the corona virus. “”

West Midlands Metro service will continue to operate on a standard schedule at least this week. However, this can change as it develops.


The travel industry may have knelt down due to travel restrictions and social distance measures used in response to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, but it did not worsen their spirits.

British companies did everything to help during the crisis in which Covid-19 claimed more than 280 lives.

Here are six ways tour operators can do their thing and spread a little bit of affection and friendliness, from offering hotels to key workers to returning British citizens living abroad.

Saga has offered two cruise ships as a floating hospital to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

The 37,000-ton sapphire saga and the 58,000-ton spirit of discovery installed in Tilbury, Essex can accommodate more than 2,600 patients in individual cabins.

Saga’s owner is said to have spoken with government officials about the use of liners pulled from sailing during the Covid 19 pandemic as a temporary hospital.

A source told Sky News: “Ships remain inactive. The government expects coronavirus patients to flood their hospitals, so it makes sense to consider this option.”

Hotel opening for NHS employees

Former Manchester United soccer player Gary Neville will open his hotel for medical professionals for free.

Two Manchester hotels, Old Trafford Football Hotel and Exchange Hotel in central Manchester, will provide 176 beds for the NHS and medical staff.

The hotel staff also promised that they would not be fired or given unpaid leave.

“We are pleased that we can reach an agreement,” Neville said.

“At this point, our entire industry needs to show solidarity, not only for our employees in these uncertain times, but also for those who most need accommodation in the coming months.”

He added: “Our employees will operate the hotel as usual if health professionals can stay there for free if they need to be isolated from affected family members.”

Zetter Hotel in Clerkenwell has also closed its doors to all customers, but remains open to NHS employees who need a free night.


Cumbria-based homeworker Michele Kirkbride won the Free Radio box office on Tuesday (March 24).

During the race, Kirkbridge answered the phone in five ringtones, collecting £ 55,555.55.

“I am used to working quickly – I immediately answered,” he told TTG. “I really can’t believe it.”

Kirkbride said he was “very often” struggling with industry challenges amid a coronavirus pandemic – with several reservations canceled this month.

“To be honest, I can’t come at a better time – this is amazing,” he added. “I have to cancel my own holiday in the Maldives, so I will definitely rewrite the first thing I will do with the money.”

Coronavirus travel restrictions make holiday search go up

Travel restrictions and strict social distance measures in the UK will cause a decrease in demand, which can lead to short-term price increases.

Travel companies in the UK experienced a significant decrease in bookings, impacting their sales and ability to provide accurate performance guidelines. Uncertainty about the future economic situation and job security has disturbed the confidence of travelers who travel frequently and cause them to stop booking trips in the future.

Operators are not aware of this situation, because holidays are considered an integral part of the lives of millions of Britons. GlobalData figures show Britain made 72.2 million trips abroad in 2019, with Spain topping the list of top travel destinations (15.8 million).

Britain, however, will suddenly no longer oppose holidays. It takes years to make changes in behavior like that. You are not at all comfortable to travel at this time and this leads to limited search.

The search you find leads to a short-term increase in the price of the trip

Given the nation’s love for holidays, searches for hotels, airlines, and vacation packages can suddenly increase as soon as restrictions are lifted and tourists make travel safer.

The British government bans all unnecessary trips and limited traffic in the country on March 23, 2020. This will help create more demand. Due to the limitations of daily life at this time, residents suffer cabin fever, so the desire to travel will be greater than before.

The dynamic pricing method is used

Hotels and airlines use a dynamic pricing method, where a sharp increase in demand versus supply causes a price increase. Tour operators who use dynamic pricing methods might see a decrease in demand as a way to offset lost revenue during COVID 19.

Holiday packages protected by systems such as ATOL will increase demand because travelers who are usually confident show the need for safe breaks in the event of an incident. The demand for travel insurance will also grow, with more complex policies covering broader demand / pandemic epidemics.


COVID-19 disrupts the tourism industry – forcing countries to close borders, cancel flights and cause traffic congestion – trips must be postponed. However, the need to escape is more acute than before, such as our curiosity, which is not satisfied when we are at home. Instead of eating endless shows on Netflix, the answer can be a virtual journey. (If people pay Whitney Houston’s hologram to perform at a concert, why not?

In the U.S., video games seem to play at record levels, while sales of home consoles such as Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 skyrocket in South Korea. The same can be expected in Britain because people are increasingly quarantined. But instead of taking photos, you can walk through the ruins of the academy in the national anthem or wear the White House in Tom 2 Clancy’s Department 2.

In early 2020, Rough Guides published a guide to the virtual world of Xbox that proves that game tourism – where people play to find out instead of earning income – is a legitimate trend today. This book includes cost guides for eight enhanced Xbox One X games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Forza Horizon 4, and Metro Exodus with tours, etiquette, shopping, and things you should miss, such as physical cities,

In the end, McLarens was allowed to return quarantined employees from Australia

McLaren employees quarantined after the Australian Grand Prix were quarantined were reportedly finally on their way home. Staff must arrive in the UK within the next 48 hours.

On Thursday, before the Grand Prix season opened, McLaren announced that an engineer had tested positive for the Corona virus. The Woking team went to the race immediately and no less than 16 people were immediately quarantined.

Employees can return home 12 days later. Team director Andreas Seidl was one of many employees who lived in Melbourne for several more days to support the crew during their isolation phase.

According to sources, infected team members have flown far away. Seven of the other employees completed a negative COVID-19 test after only one week in quarantine. The virus seems to have existed since the beginning at McLaren for now.

Google makes it easy for you to find travel tips for COVID-19

With the spread of the corona virus and countries imposing different travel restrictions, Google sees brief results when it comes to travel advice and cancellation policies. In response, several changes were made to help users find this information faster.

If you are looking for flights, hotels, or activities, you will immediately see travel recommendations or restrictions for your destination. This information appears on the search results page at the top of and on Google Maps when you search for hotels. If possible, Google also links relevant information from your country’s travel authority.